How To Reset The Brita Filter Indicator? Simple Method

Is your Brita filter memo or meter bars on the indicator display appear empty? That could be the indication that the filter has exhausted its filtration ability.

However, if it uses LED, the color will turn from the default green light to red. In such a case, it is about the time to restore it, and in this article, we will show you How to reset the Brita filter indicator.

We shall have an in-depth and step-by-step procedure to deal with this problem and answer any questions about the filter reset. Follow through for more information, and feel free to share with your friends.

The procedure of resetting the Brita filter indicator.

Step 1. Find the indicator

It can either be a memo, meter, or LED indicator. All have the same functionalities depending on the type of the blender. In most cases, the Brita filter indicator is on the lid of the pitcher.

Its three modes, though they appear different, perform a similar task, but their mode of operation is different.

Sometimes, it can be on the front, and hence you have to look beyond the lid to find the Brita pitcher indicator.

Step 2. Check for the filter level

Both the memo and meter will have four bars visible at optimal performance. In addition, the smart-LED indicator will display a green light.

When the bars drop, or the color change to red, probably, that would be a filter change indicator. Furthermore, you may either decide to reset it or do a filter replacement. The filter level will inform the next course of action.

Step 3. Exhaustion

Depending on whether it is the memo or the meter, the bars will display whether it is exhausted or not. LED lights will turn from red to green when it is over. It is an indicator that you require filter replacement.

Get to know how to change a Brita filter, as this might be your next course of action. The status button or the sticker indicator will inform what to do next if exhausted.

Step 4. Reset the indicator

It will help identify which changes to make in the filter to make it function normally again. Press and hold the reset button or the start button until all the bars flash and reach the highest level on the screen to reset

.In the case of the LED light, gently press the light for about ten minutes and release it. Upon lifting your hand, the indicator will blink three times.

Step 5. Replace the filter indicator

Once you complete the above procedure and find that the indicator is faulty, it will not turn up, nor the be bars will show on the memo or meter. In this case, you will need a replacement filter to replace them in the device.

Understand how to check Brita filter status and how to reset the Brita stream filter indicator. You will need a flat screwdriver for the work. Push it gently under the meter and push it up to pop it.

Replace the faulty meter with a new one, and your water filter will start working again. When it is the filter replacement time, you have to do it, because it will stop working.

Step 6. Test the filter

Test your Brita filter life indicator to find if it is working well. If it works well, you have done an excellent job!

How Does A Brita Filter Indicator Work?

Water filter indicators alert you when your meter, memo, or LED requires a replacement. You might realize that the Brita faucet filter light not working.

Modern Brita filters can notify you when and How To Reset The Brita Filter Indicator When it wears out, you will notice either red, yellow/amber, and green traffic light color system.

These lights have different meanings, and they also tell you when the filter is intact. Brita indicator uses LED lights and bars to notify you when to replace the filter.

They come in two models, the standard or long last types. Both filters work for two months and filter up to forty gallons of water.

The Long last filter can last for up to six months before it wears out. Furthermore, the frequency of use will determine its useful life.

Brita pitcher filter also lasts for about a month or two, but it also depends on the frequency of usage. The more you use it, the faster it wears out, and vice versa.

Brita faucet indicator measures the amount of water that passes through the device. It will also measure the time the filter will take to clean this water.

Set it to the correct filter mode, and pass water through it. You will get purified water safe for drinking.

How Long Does A Brita Filter Really Last?

Every piece of equipment has a useful life, beyond which it becomes written off. That is also the case with the Brita filter indicator. Filter life status depends on the frequency of usage and the amount of water that goes through it.

A lot of contaminated water in the electronic filter indicators also plays a critical role in determining the length of use of the equipment.

Another factor that determines the lifespan of the sticker filter indicators is the type of equipment. The white Brita Standard Filter, for example, should be replaced at least every forty months. On the other hand, it is advisable to replace it once every forty gallons of water.

Furthermore, the blue Brita Longlast Filter needs a replacement once every six months or after 120 gallons of water. Hard water is also another factor to consider. It is the type of water that has high mineral content.

Such water is available in areas where water percolates through the deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum. These components are mixture of magnesium carbonates, calcium, bicarbonates, and sulfates.

If you reside in areas where such a phenomenon is usual, you should understand how to change the Brita filter. Passing hard water through your filter will shorten standard filter life and, consequently, frequent replacements.

If you overuse your Brita filer, you will notice that the taste of your water will begin to change. Though the filter can last for as long as it can, it is advisable to change it once in a while to have fresh water.

The chemicals and minerals that the filter was protecting from coming through will escape when you use your equipment for a long without replacement.

In summary, the filter can last for as long as six months, provided that it is not in constant use. However, if you overuse it within a short time, then it will not reach the half-year benchmark.

How Does The Brita Filter Indicator Detect Filter Potency?

As you continue using it, the Brita pitcher traps all the contaminants. Water pitchers trap even micro and disease-causing pathogens. It turns out that the trapped contents keep on clogging up the filter.

The ability of the Brita filter to trap more (potency) keeps on declining because the filter is fully clogged. It will eventually get to a point where it will be unable to trap anything, or its ability to trap will be so low.

At that moment, a replacement has to happen. Brita filters have three ways of detecting potency. Depending on the nature of the equipment, the indicator can be a memo, meter, or LED light.

Both the memo and meter detect potency and display data using bars.
The green color on the LED light indicator would mean that the filter is working well.

However, as it continues to get clogged, the potency will be detected electronically by the filter indicator. It will display the same via a yellow/amber and finally red light.

The yellow/amber lights are warning that the potency is getting low. Red light means that the levels are unacceptably low and, hence require a replacement or resetting.

Failure to replace would mean that you are consuming contaminated water because it lets the contaminants pass through.

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If You Use A Brita Filter Too Long- What To Do?

If you use your Brita filter for long, many things would happen. Some of them include the following:

Different flavor and smell of your water

After long use, the taste of your water will begin to change. The smell might be affected more by the chemicals and minerals that your filter was protecting from coming through.

Cloudiness in your water and ice

If your water starts getting cloudy, it might be the moment to replace the filter. Similarly, if you use the filter to make the ice cubes, they may not appear clear as they used to be. The water might even appear murky and dull. It is a sign to change your electronic filter.

Water pouring out slowly.

The build-up of old minerals and bacteria on the filter clogs up the pathway, making the job of letting water pass through a hard one.

Water becomes dirty.

That includes flavor and smell. It is not healthy to consume unfiltered water. Your water might appear dirtier than you think. If you don’t change your filter, you will be consuming harmful elements in your water.

What To Do?

Old filters have a lot of contaminants in them. When you do not change the Brita filter, your water will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Always replace your filter and the indicators when they hit the required milestone or recommended. Brita sink filter light not working? Consider changing it soonest.

How Do You Activate the Brita Electronic Filter Indicator?

If your Brita has an electronic indicator, the activation process is quite simple. Locate the status button, gently press and hold it for two seconds. This action will activate the filter indicator.

It also activates when you open the lid for between 5 to 8 seconds. The amount of time depends on the size of the reservoir. It measures the water use by counting the number of times you fill the reservoir.

If it is a sticker filter indicator, first of all, adjust the date so you will know the right time for replacing the filter.

For the Standard Filter, it takes approximately two months, or forty gallons of water to have a new replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Brita filter is faulty?

A green blinking light is an indicator that the filter is healthy. Consequently, if the color turns yellow/amber, it indicates that it is getting full of unwanted minerals and chemicals.

Finally, when it turns red, it shows that it is faulty and needs a replacement.
Meter and memo indicators display the health of a filter using bars. When it shows four of them, the filter is healthy. When it is faulty, it does not show even a single bar!

How long does a Brita exhaust filter last?

It depends on the type of filter. While others can last for two months, others can function for even six months or more. The amount of work will also determine its useful life.

In most cases, they are certified to 40 gallons, beyond which its guarantee does not exist. If you filter the forty gallons within a month, it becomes necessary to do the replacement. In this case, it will be impossible to wait for two months to lapse.

How to reset the old Brita filter indicator?

Press the status button down and hold it down for two to three seconds. In case you are using the Standard Filter, which is white in color, press and hold down the status button for two to three seconds.

Release it, and all the lights will simultaneously blink twice. The green light next to the standard filter will also blink three times.

Where Is the Indicator on Your Brita Filter?

You can find the indicator in two or more places on a blender. However, for Brita models, you can either find it on the lid or in the front.

The modern type filters have control panels on the front side for ease of operation. It is above the water exit on the front part of the filter.

How to check if your Brita filter indicator is working?

Pour out a glass full of water. You should see a green light blinking. However, you can test differently for both the old and the new models.

To test the old model, firmly press the reset button for about 5 seconds. For the new models, press the status button at any moment to ascertain whether it is working or not.


In summary, you now know How To Reset The Brita Filter Indicator. It is not a complicated task, provided you follow the recommended schedule given by the manufacturer.

Always ensure that you change it when earlier of the following two eventualities occur: after two months of use or when it filters 40 gallons of water.

Failure to replace or reset the filter can lead to many problems, such as consuming the contaminated water. That is due to the high bacterial load in the water, and it is similar to consuming it directly from the source.

When you notice a slight change in the taste, smell, or color of your water, it is time to replace the filter. Should water start coming slowly, that is a sign of a clogged filter that needs a replacement.

Finally, we hope that you have learned a lot from this article. Please share it with friends and relatives to assist them in resetting or replacing their Brita filters.

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