Do Unused Water Filters Expire? Know The Fact!

Do Unused Water Filters Expire

Do unused water filters expire? That is one of the most disturbing questions to most water filter owners. Several factors come into consideration in determining the useful life of the filter. Furthermore, most of these factors are from human actions and are avoidable.In this article, we will have an in-depth look at the … Read more

Brita Faucet Filter Troubleshooting- 99% How To Fix It

Brita Faucet Filter Troubleshooting

Brita filter works well to purify your drinking water. It uses activated carbon and ion exchange system to remove substances that impair the taste and odor to produce quality water. These substances include chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, and other contaminants. It is preferred to other filters as its design is such that it … Read more

Will Sand Filter Remove Iron From Pool Water?

Will Sand Filter Remove Iron From Pool Water

Pools are exciting places for family and friends to be. The majority of the population love swimming and tend to do that often when free, say on weekends. However, if you are a swimming enthusiast, you might get into a pool, have a fantastic time and the excitement that comes with swimming, and … Read more

Does Brita Filter Hard Water? Complete Guide

Does Brita Filter Hard Water

Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium ions. Although it does not cause health problems, it can be annoying to use. Hard tap water has some disadvantages like causing blockage on appliances, giving your clothes a dull color, soap wastage, and making your skin and hair dry. … Read more

How to Store Brita Filter When Not In Use?

How to Store Brita Filter When Not In Use

Who doesn’t love the peace associated with consuming clean water? Water is essential for our everyday activities. Therefore, having efficient methods to clean water is vital. Currently, there are a variety of filters used to clean water. Among the best filters found in the market include the Brita water filter. These are excellent … Read more

How To Change Pur Water Filter? Smooth Steps

How To Change Pur Water Filter

Do you know how safe the water flowing in your kitchen faucet is? Do you know the paths it goes through before reaching your kitchen tap? Can you use the said water for cleaning, cooking, and drinking without worrying about the outcome? There is no definite answer to this question until you get … Read more