How To Use Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor? 7 Easy Steps

The Cuisinart 7 Cup Food processor is an electric machine that can prepare all of your delicious, favorite meals. It can make different things from salads, nut butter, and cookie dough to homemade bread.

Its blade material is plastic while its detachable disc stem material is metal. The 7-cup food processor is convenient for cooking and adds a little sparkle to your kitchen.

Most cooks who have used this magnificent device have all had positive results and revealed that work in the kitchen has been made easier.

The food processor Cuisinart 7 cup machine slices vegetables and fruits, grinds garlic easily, liquid ingredients, and also kneads bread dough.

Like all other electronics the 7-cup size processor comes with a warranty just in case there is a problem with it.

If you purchased the food processor and do not know how to operate it, I will take you through some tips on how to use Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. Here are our detailed Cuisinart 7 cup food processor reviews.

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How Do I Use My Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor?

Just like all other basic food choppers, you have to understand how to use Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. To some people, it might sound complicated but you will soon come to realize that it’s not such a big deal.

The Cuisinart classic 7 cup food processor might seem like a bit of hard work in the beginning but doesn’t everything do? The entire unit is easy to clean, either by dishwasher or by hand.

The parts of the Cuisinart food processor 7 cup are easy to replace since they can be found in online shops or Cuisinart shops all around the world.

Yes, The Right Position Lock the Bowl

The 7-cup work bowl needs to be put in place for the electronic device to work properly. Place the base on a level surface and put the bowl on the base at a 210 degrees angle or a 7 o’clock angle.

Turn the bowl until it locks. When the bowl is properly locked, the Cuisinart DLC food processor. Locking the bowls ensures that the bowl does not slip during use. The food processor bowl is easy to remove for easy cleaning.

Properly Place The Metal Blade

The S-shaped stainless steel chopping blades are mostly used for grinding, cutting, and pureeing. It also acts as a dough blade. Put the slicing blade on top of the shaft to match the outline.

After that, lower the blade so that it almost touches the bottom of the bowl. Now the blade can be able to process all the content. Remember, the blade needs to remain ever sharp so that it can perform its role effectively

Insert The Feed Tube

The feed tube acts as a passage for the food going into the bowl. Food going into the processor is put inside the wide feed tube to go through the working bowl.

Insert the tube into the working bowl and make sure it rotates at a 210-degree angle or the 7 o’clock angle. There are various sizes of feed tubes to be used. If the processor’s amount of food is a lot, an extra-large feed tube can be used.

The Pusher And The Feed Tube Lock Perfectly

A pusher is made of high-quality plastic. It is used to shove food to the working bowl through the feed tube we inserted earlier. For the processor to work, we need to ensure that the pusher and the feed tube are locked into place.

Hold the pusher and put it into position with the feed tube. Keep on pushing until the pusher and the feed tube lock into place. After setting up these important parts, make sure that all the parts are locked in their rightful places.

Accurately Plug-In The Machine

Most machines need the power to work, and so does the food processor Cuisinart 7 cup. The machine comes with a power cable that needs to be connected to a power outlet so that the machine can operate.

If it does not work, there must be a problem with the setup of the processor and you need to check and correct the problem. If it works properly, let it run till all the food is processed then turn it off to end the process.

Pull Out the Cover

The flat cover is usually used to prevent food from jumping out of the machine and making a mess all over. It’s located on the pusher.

When the food is done being processed and the machine is plugged off, the cover can then be removed. Hold the pusher then turn it and push it up.

Then that’s when you can serve your food. If you lift the cover before turning off the machine it will still make a mess even after the food is done being processed.

The Food Processor Needs Useful Care

For the Cuisinart DLC-10s pro classic 7-cup food processor to remain in excellent condition, it needs to be properly taken care of.

You need to make sure that when the machine is not in use it is plugged out. The shredding discs and sharp blades are very dangerous and should be stored away from children to avoid accidents.

The motor blade is a very sensitive part and should therefore not be placed in a dishwasher. After cleaning up, the parts should be dried and stored properly.


This may all sound like a complicated process, but in reality, it is really easy. Once you get used to using the Cuisinart food processor, it will seem like child’s play.

Having the machine makes activities in the kitchen run smoothly and it helps in saving time. The parts of the machine are replaceable when the original has broken or is defective.

When you notice that one of the parts is not working properly, make sure that you replace it so that you can get efficient results from the processor.

What Can You Make With A 7 Cup Food Processor?

As stated earlier the Cuisinart DLC food processor is versatile and can perform various kitchen activities. It can knead bread dough, it can crush nuts, can chop vegetables and it can also slice fruits. Its blades and discs are equipped for this job and should therefore be kept sharp.

Yes, easily to Chop Fruits and Vegetables

Who on earth does not enjoy vegetables chopped properly or fruits nicely sliced. The Food Processor Cuisinart is therefore recommended since its blades precisely cut the fruits and vegetables properly.

You just need to chop them into 1-inch pieces and put them in a bowl. When everything is in place, lock the pusher and cover to avoid messing up the place. Then press the lever down. Repeat the process till the vegetables are levelly chopped.

The process above is mostly for making salads. For vegetable soup, the vegetables being chopped are cooked vegetables. Drain all the fluid from the vegetables before putting them inside the bowl.

As usual, press the lever down. You should stir until all contents are crushed. It is common for the vegetables to get stuck in the bowl. If it does, just lift the dough blade and remove it.

When the process is done, serve the vegetables or fruit. The metal blade can be used to chop any type of vegetable or fruit and you don’t need to worry about the size of the food.

Fitting To Chop Meat

Meat chopped by the processor needs to be cold. We cannot use hot meat because the heat from the meat can mess up the components of the processor and destroy its parts.

That is the main reason we use cold meat. Cut the meat into 1-inch long pieces just like the vegetables or fruits. Add no more than two cups of the meat into the working bowl and then later press the lever and release it.

Keep on checking if the meat is processed using a spatula preferably. After it is done you can then serve the processed meat.

Now To Make Some Peanut Butter

The processor can be used to crush nuts. That means we can make some homemade peanut butter from scratch in the comfort of our kitchen.

The processor is mostly preferred to make peanut butter rather than blenders. This is mostly because peanut butter doesn’t heat a lot in a food processor.

The processor can crush only one or two cups of peanuts. Put the peanuts into the machine and run it continuously. After some time, the nuts create a round ball that naturally smoothens.

After some three minutes, scrape off the bowl`s walls until you notice some oil. Repeat this process until all the nuts have been crushed and are smooth enough.

Proceed to Knead Doug

Kneading dough for some of our delicious pastries can be very tiresome while using our hands. And some of our hands may not be strong enough to knead the dough in time that is why we recommend the best 7-cup food processor.

To begin, place flour in the bowl plus all its ingredients needed to make dough. Process the contents inside for at least 30 seconds. Without turning the machine off, add water to the extra-large feed tube in a slow and steady process.

Keep in mind that the water used should be about 105 to 120 degrees so that the dough can be activated. If the temperatures are above 120, the yeast will be killed. When will you stop adding the water?

If you notice the liquid splattering, that’s when you will stop. Switch the machine off when all the contents are mixed up. Process the dough for another 60 seconds until it forms a ball. Test the dough with your hands to see if it is well kneaded.

If it is not, you can continue processing it till it becomes well kneaded. Then take the dough and place it in a plastic bag. Leave it for some time to allow the dough to rise.

Make sure the dough is left in a warm place to accelerate the rising. When the dough is ready, you can now cut it into whatever you want and prepare your desired pastry, and place them in heat to bake properly. Hope you get to enjoy the pastry.

Make To Beat Eggs White

Eggs are delicate to prepare and they need to be prepared on a clean surface. Therefore make sure the bowl is clean before beating the eggs. Add two egg whites to the bowl and turn on the machine.

Then add one tablespoon of lemon juice. You can use vinegar as a substitute. Vinegar is most preferable because it is not easily noticed and it produces more stiff whites. Keep on processing the egg whites until they form a proper shape.


From the information above, it is clear that the Cuisinart DLC food processor is very helpful to people in the kitchen. It does tasks that may be hard like kneading dough and also very simple like beating eggs white.

The processor saves time in the kitchen and thus the homemade meals will be ready in time or even earlier. For the processor to be able to help you out, you have to follow its instructions and everything will be smooth.

Where Can I Find Cuisinart 7 Processor Replacement Parts?

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Like some other machines, the 7-cup Cuisinart food processor has replacement parts for when it is broken or burnt. These replacement parts also make sure that your processor is able to function for a long time.

These parts can mostly be found with the manufacturers of the product, Cuisinart. You can just order the part you want online and they will have it delivered to you.

The delivery is secure and the parts will reach you on time. The new parts are fully functional and they continue with the work they are meant to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Reset Button On Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor?

Yes. Cuisinart cup food processor has a reset button. It is usually used when maybe the processor has issues starting up.

The reset button makes sure that the machine is back to its initial situation. Any time you experience issues with the machine, just press the reset button and it will be okay.

How Do I Start My Cuisinart 7 Cup Processor?

Firstly make sure that the Cuisinart 7-cup food processor is assembled properly according to the instructions given.

Once it is assembled, plug it into an electrical power outlet but make sure it is turned off to avoid the risk of electrical shock to yourself or the processor.

Once it is plugged on you can now press the switch button on. If the processor doesn’t turn on, you can press the restart button and restore it to its initial situation.

How Do I Lock My Cuisinart Food Processor Bowl?

When you are done putting the Cuisinart bowls in place, you are supposed to lock them in the right place.

You can lock the processor bowl by taking the thick stem adapter and placing it into the shaft and turning it till it is in place.

Then take the mixing blades and push them down into place till it’s in the right place. The bowls will not lock till they are placed in their correct position.

How Many Watts Should A Good Food Processor Be?

A good food processor should have a powerful motor so that it can work when plugged into an electrical outlet.

If the motor has too many watts it might get short-circuited because of the overload. For a small or medium-sized processor, the watt motor should have 400 to 700 watts of power.

Is It Worth Buying A Food Processor?

Times are changing. People are adopting new forms of technologies for their houses. What makes your kitchen different from the others?

It is definitely worth it to buy a food processor. It helps you save time in the kitchen and it makes it easier to perform kitchen chores involving food.

What Is The Easiest Food Processor To Use?

According to Cuisinart food processor reviews, the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is easy to use. It is simple to operate and it is a multi-purpose food processor.

The food processor was tested and found worthy of the kitchens since it does not cause harm but it causes good.

Final Verdict

Cuisinart 7 cup prep food processor is a versatile kitchen equipment that you need to make your meals. Buying a food processor is great but understanding how it works provides a smooth operation and long lasting use.

The article has given you an insight into how the Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor works. From the above information, it is very clear that the food processor is very lucrative.

The 7-cup model has its advantages, for example, it is a powerful processor and has multipurpose functions. It also helps in saving time in the kitchen and helping things run smoothly in the kitchen.

We have also covered where you can find the replacement parts of the processor just in case the parts bring problems.

The Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is simple to operate and clean. From the manual, the processor is very easy to assemble and run.

The manual gives you a better understanding of how to use the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor. I hope you have found the 7-cup food processor review useful.

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