How To Change Brita Stream Filter? Easy Steps 2024

A water filter is an essential item you need at home to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water. There is a wide range of water filters but Brita stream filters stand out on the market because of their effective filtration.

These water filters utilize a quality filtration process compared to other ordinary water filters. They are equipped with a dual-layer carbon compartment that removes any kind of impurities from the water. That is why need to know how to change Brita Stream Filter?

Additionally, the activated carbon filters not only remove contaminants in your drinking water but also chlorine taste and bad odor. This gives you great-tasting water free from lead, copper, viruses, nitrates, bacteria, levels of fluoride, and other contaminants.

It is good to change your Brita water filter from time to time for effective filtration. I will take you through the process of how to change the Brita stream filter.

How Do You Change The Brita Stream Filter?

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Any water filter requires a replacement after using it for the recommended time. Therefore, you need to know how to change the Brita stream filter to enjoy a better filtration process.

Brita water filter replacement is easy to change. For better performance, it is recommended that you should be replacing Brita filter regularly. You should also go through Brita filter replacement instructions to make replacements easy.

It is good to know how long the Brita water filter lasts and how to remove Brita filter. Changing the Brita water filter depends on the status of the water and the amount of water filtered.

Brita water filter is more affordable than PUR water filter. You should change the Brita water filter after 40 gallons of water have been purified. For quality water, the filter should be changed on or before the recommended time.

The Following Are Steps on How To Replace Brita Filter.

Properly Wash Your Hands

It is very essential to wash thoroughly your hands. This is to wash away the germs in your hands, as they can pass to the filter and contaminate it. The filter has a soft layer with holes. These holes can be contaminated and contain germs if not properly handled.

Remove The Old Filter

Remove the old filter by:
1. Pressing and twisting the filter anticlockwise.
2. Then separate the filter from the filter cage.

Rinse The Stream Filter

The next and most important step is to rinse the stream filter. The importance of rinsing the filter is that it may contain dust or particle that may have been trapped on the surface of the filter.

After removing the filter from the cage, rinse it with running water thoroughly.
After 15 minutes of rinsing, check whether there are visible particles mostly on the threads. If there are any, remove them with your clean hands.

Insert The New Stream Filter

After rinsing the stream filter well, you should know how to install Brita filter. This simple insertion of the filter into the cage is done by rotating it clockwise. Press it gently until you hear the click sound. This clicking sound assures you that the filter is locked in its right place.

Join The New Filter To The Spigot

A spigot is a device that is used to turn the water on and off, also known as a valve or faucet. In most cases, it is found at the end of a water pipe. You join the filter to the spigot by twisting it clockwise and making sure it is firm.

Insert The Spigot Into The Tank

The next step is to insert the spigot into the tank. The best way is to run a fish tape through the tank hole and the spigot bulkhead. This is to ensure that there is proper installation. 1) Install the spigot into the water tank. 2) Rotate the spigot clockwise till it is tight.

Activate The Smart Light Indicator

The smart light electronic indicator is a unique technology used by water filters. It uses a modernized model which uses an LED light smart meter. It helps in the replacement of filter cartridges.

It saves you money and it gives pre-cautions on when to make changes. It also alerts you of the condition or status of the water. Smart light indicators are compatible and replaceable.

Remove The Sticker

Pull down the handle while the tank is empty. Press the reset button three times. When green and red light flashes, an indication that it has successfully been activated. Lift the handle back in an upright position to close the spigot.

Attach The Cover

How does one attaché the cover or lid? On the top of the cover or lid, there are three dots. These dots act like a guide. By following the dots on the top of the cover, you will be able to fix the filter the right way.

Rinse The New Stream Filter Again

This is the final step. After all the above steps have been followed, it is important to rinse the entire filter again. This is done with fresh running water.

You will need to tap the first two glasses of filtered water and do away with the water. At this point, it is safe to drink the water. Finally, the replacement of Brita stream water is done.

When Should I Replace My Brita Stream Filter?

You should not use your Brita water filter forever, so you need a Brita filter change. There is a specific amount of time you should use the filter and replace it. The following tips should help you know the right time for changing Brita filters.

  • Brita stream filter cleans up to 40 gallons of water. Approximately two months. You will be forced to change the filter after this period.
  • Nevertheless, the status and condition of the water also matter. This depends on the source of the water. If the source of water is more dirty and contaminated, then the change of stream filter might be frequent.
  • Mostly in areas where there is hard water. This condition makes the filter depreciate faster and run out of service.
  • When you realize that the water is dirty, it is high time you change the filter. Take a glass of filtered water, and place it somewhere to settle. After 15 to 20 minutes, you will realize some dust and particles have settled at the bottom of the glass.
  • An indication that the water stream filter needs to be replaced immediately. If you had recently changed the filter, then you should check the connectivity of the water source.
  • Additionally, when you realize that there is a change in the taste, then you should consider changing the filter. This is a sign that there is a leakage within the filter. This may be caused by poor installation. Mostly around the O- Rings or the threads around the spigot.
  • It is important to get guidelines from the service provider who can share sensitive information and offer a tactical solution. Again, if it is an issue with poor replacement of the filter, consult a professional plumber to fix it.
  • When the smart light indicator notifies you of any possible change. It measures the effectiveness of the filter and the condition of the water.

What Elements Do Brita Stream Filters Remove From Water?

After knowing how to change a Brita filter, it is also good to know how the filter works. Brita stream filter helps to remove and filter out contaminants while exchanging them with beneficial minerals.

Some of these contaminants are very dangerous and harmful to our bodies. Some of these contaminants are:

Lead – this metal is very dangerous. This can be a result of corrosion of the plumbing system.

Chlorine – chlorine helps in killing bacteria. Chlorine can cause odor and bad taste.

Mercury – this metal is very dangerous to human beings. Mostly it can come from landfill that gets into the water source contaminated water supplies.

Pesticides and organic chemicals – These can come from the landfills around the water source.

How To Change The Brita Water Dispenser Filter?

To begin with, it is important to know how to change a pur water filter when it is required. A filter purifies and at the same time removes contaminants from the water, leaving behind healthy water for the whole family.

At the same time, it is recommended that one should change the water filter for better performance. Failure to do so there will be clogging up the filter making it less effective and reliable. Changing this filter depends on the following:

  • Quantity of the water consumed by the average family. 2 to 6 weeks in a large family.
  • Basic filtration system unit. 40 gallons.
  • Quality and status of the water.
  • The lifespan of the filter is 2 months.
  • Contaminants that need to be filtered.

The followings are steps on how to change the Brita water filter dispenser.

  • Remove the old filter from the faucet. Twist anticlockwise to loosen it.
  • Wash your hands with soap and running water before handling the new filter
  • Take the new filter and submerge it in a bowl full of clean water
  • Clean the faucet and the reservoir with clean and soapy water.
  • Fix the flushed water into the reservoir firmly. Seal it until a ‘clicking’ sound is heard.
  • Press and hold the reset button until you notice green and red flashlights appear on the smart light indicator.

How Long Does A Brita Stream Filter Last?

Brita stream filter lifespan depends on many factors. The idea of when to replace Brita stream filter depends on these factors are:

ü Bad taste – it could be caused by clogging, hard water, or cloudy water source. It should be changed immediately

ü 40 gallons of water or 2 weeks – standard Brita stream filter should last for about 2 weeks or it has filtered 40 gallons of water.

ü Odor – it is an indication that the filter has leakage due to poor installation and needs replacement.

What Happens If You Use A Brita Filter Too Long?

Changing your water filter as required is essential for optimal filtration. If you do not change your Brita filter for too long, then the environment around the pitcher filter becomes moist.

This gives room for the growth of bacteria, and they can reach higher concentrations. This can make you sick if you go on drinking water from the old filter. Failure to maintain the water filter will bring about:

  • The water will taste bad because the filter is too old.
  • The filter will dry completely and presume unusably.
  • There will be slow filtering.
  • Odor due to the filter being old or cracked.
  • It will tend to get algae around the cartridge
  • Presence of mold around the filter.

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Why Are Brita Stream Filters Out Of Stock?

Recently, the Brita stream filter was pronounced out of stock. Though it is considered one of the best water filters by retailers, it is said that the Brita Grand, which filters water faster is still up for grabs in many retail shops. Factors like.

Covid 19 pandemic – since 2019 when Covid 19 hit so hard, there has been a shortage of Brita stream filters. The market was hit so hard economically. Sanctions and health restrictions like lockdown and travel restrictions contributed to the shortage.

Demand to supply ratio – the higher the demand the lower the production capacity. As many people go for Brita stream filter the more there is a shortage of it.

Competition – Brita stream water is not the only water filter in the market. As technology grows, many water filters are coming up with new and improvised technology. Hence many customers go for the modernized ones.

What Is The Difference Between Brita And Brita Streams?

First of all, Brita is a company based in Germany. Its headquarters are in Taunusstein in Hesse, Germany.

It is the company that manufactures water filters and other filtering products, whereas the Brita stream filter is a product made by the Brita Company. Brita stream is a pitcher that has a filter-as-you-pour technology, rather than while you fill. The new Brita stream technology is very fast in water filtration.

It has been made by innovative carbon form and ion-exchange mechanisms, making it reliable and effective to the users. This improvised product is part of the Brita Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Change Brita Stream Filter

How Do I Know If My Brita Stream Filter Is Bad?

It is easy to know if your filter is in good shape or not. As you continue to drink the water, you will notice the difference in many ways.

  • The water will taste bad because the filter is too old.
  • The filter will dry completely.
  • There will be slow filtering.
  • Odor due to the filter being old or cracked.
  • It will tend to get algae around the cartridge
  • Presence of mold around the filter.

Does The Brita Stream Water Remove Lead?

The answer is ‘yes’ Brita stream filter removes metals like lead which are very hazardous to our body. Lead can cause many problems including:

  • Brain disorders
  • Damage to the kidney
  • Damage to the red blood cells
  • In infants and babies it can cause
  • Delay in physical development
  • Behavioral problems
  • Brain damage
  • Attention disorders
  • Reduces IQs

Does Brita Stream Filter Work?

As stated in this article, the Brita stream filter is very effective and works efficiently. Brita changes the water tap to clean and safe water. With its faster filtering system, it has improved the quality standard of filtering. For optimum performance, it is important to maintain and replace it regularly.

Final Thoughts on How To Change Brita Stream Filter

Brita Company came up with a state-of-the-art kind of filter. With filter-as-you-pour technology, it has made it more efficient. Brita stream filter is a product that every household should have, for clean and healthy water.

Its water filtration method cannot disappoint you. It has one of the best methods systems of breaking down and removing contaminants. Activated carbon reduces a wider range of pollutants and metals.

However, management and regulating it should be a priority for good performance. Also, the process of changing the Brita Stream filter is very important.

I hope with our Brita filter removal, you have what it takes on how to change the Brita stream filter on your Brita stream pitcher water filter.

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