How To Change Water Filter In Whirlpool Fridge?

Congratulations on acquiring a brand new Whirlpool refrigerator; it is one of the best fridges you can find on the market.

You will enjoy the clean, quality taste and odorless fresh drinking water for about six months after which you will start to notice a change in these characteristics.

That is a clear indication that you need to know how to change water filter in Whirlpool fridge as soon as possible. It is easy to change and you do not need to call in an expert.

The earlier you change the Whirlpool refrigerator water filter the less harm you cause to the water you drink daily. The fridge comes with a manual that explains whirlpool refrigerator filter replacement.

Here, you will learn the procedure systematically and what to do in case you face a problem in the middle of the process. Keep reading to get the answers to the frequently asked questions about the correct replacement water filter process.

How Do I Change The Water Filter In My Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Have you ever tasted or smelt something unusual when drinking filtered water? That is a clear indication that your filter is dirty and contaminated and that it is time to change it.

Therefore, you should consider changing the filter. It is easy to change your fridge water filer, and you do not need to bring in an expert.

Read the steps below to help you know how to replace fridge filters and simple ways of troubleshooting in case you get a problem.

Follow the following steps on how to change the water filter in the fridge.

Locate Water Filter

Different models of Whirlpool refrigerators have their water filters in different locations. Check on the upper right-hand corner of the interior to locate the fridge water filter. If you do not find it, try the base grille.

The refrigerator water filter should be located in one of these two places. If you can locate the water filter, check the instruction manual for reference.


The whole process of the replacement filter will be a little messy from the water spilling in the work area. As such, you must place a piece of cloth on the surface before removing the water filter.

In addition, if the Whirlpool fridge model you have has its water filter inside, you should remove all the food and beverage from the fridge. You may also want to turn off some things including the ice maker and water supply.

All this is in an effort to reduce any water spillage while removing the water filter. If you leave the icemaker on, water may spill out during ice production.

The water supply is almost obvious that water will get in the way if it is flowing while you remove the previous filter. For newer models of the fridge, the water supply will automatically shut off when you start removing the water filter.

You will not access any electrical components of the connection point while working. This means you do not need to disconnect any power coming into the fridge.

Pull Out/ Remove The Water Filter

As mentioned earlier, the water filter can be either in the fridge or in the grille.

How to pull out the water filter located in the fridge

Whirlpool water filter replacement is not a complicated process. Water filters located inside the fridge are normally covered, so you need to remove the water filter cover first.

You can remove the cover by releasing the tab, lifting the cover, or simply pushing the cover to get to the whirlpool fridge filter. Once the cover is off, push the water filter in and turn it counterclockwise to get it out of the fridge.

When the filter is released, pull it out of the fridge. If removing the filter seems a little difficult for you, put more pressure when turning the filter.

How to pull out the water filter located in the grille

To replace fridge water filter; look out for a button on the left side of the filter and press it to release the water filter. Some Whirlpool fridge models do not have a button, if this is the case, turn the filter at about 900 counterclockwise and the water filter will be released.

For some models, you may be forced to push the filter in while you turn for it to be released. Some buttons may stick, so you may have to apply a little pressure when pressing.

Place/Install The New Replacement Filter

Now that you have removed the old water filter, it is time to install a new one. It is easy to put a new water filter in the fridge. All you need to do is slide the new filter in the place of the old one.

If the water filter was located in the grill, you should have a color-keyed cap that you will need to screw back on the new filter. You must attach this cap to the new filter before installing it.

Different models follow different methods of putting the new filter. You may turn the new filter clockwise on some models while others only need you to push the new filter in until you hear a click sound that locks it in.

one way to know that you have installed the filter properly is to check if the arrows are aligning properly. Make sure the new water filter is facing the same direction the old one was facing and put the plastic filter cover back on.

Clear Out/ Flush Out The System

While removing and replacing the water filter, carbon fines and air may get trapped. you need to run some water through the refrigerator to flash out all these before drinking any filtered water.

The manufacturers of Whirlpool recommend that you run a minimum of 4 gallons of water through the new water filter after installation.

Use a one-gallon container to run water through the system four times. If you have a Whirlpool refrigerator model that has a “change filter light”, press the button to reset it.

Then, turn on the icemaker for it to start making clean ice again. Then turn on the water supply system (if you had turned it off) and start enjoying clean, odorless water.

Lock-In Place

Locking the new refrigerator filter in place depends on the model of the fridge you have. For some models, you push the new filter straight in until it is in place.

Others you will twist clockwise until it fits well. The instruction manual should specify how your model locks a new filter in place.

Close Any Compartment Doors

You need to lock the new whirlpool refrigerator filters in place and covered them to keep away any debris and dirt and keep the water filter secure. Push the filter door up so that it closes the water filter compartment.

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How Much Water Should I Run Through A New Filter?

After knowing how to change the water filter in Whirlpool Fridge, you should also know the amount of water you should run in the new filter. It is important to flush out water through a new water filter before water consumption.

Like most other manufacturers, Whirlpool recommends that you run about 2-3 gallons of water through the fridge after installing a new water filter.

It is also recommended that you throw away the first two batches of ice cubes if your fridge does not have water. You should let the water run through the system for five minutes before you can start drinking water from the fridge.

Enough water should run through the system to flush out all the carbon media that is used to make the water filter as well as any other particles and contaminants it may have.

This simple process is intended to make the water taste clean and safe for drinking. You may notice that the first few glasses of water look cloudy, do not worry, that is coming from trapped air and it is safe for consumption.

If My Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Is Stuck – What To Do?

The following steps will help you troubleshoot when the Whirlpool refrigerator water filter is stuck.

When the quarter-turn filter is stuck, do the following:

  • Cover the cap with a piece of cloth to prevent any damage. Hold the cap with pliers and turn it quarter way. Do not apply too much pressure lest the filter break. Finally, pull the water filter straight out.

When a push-button filter is stuck, do the following:

  • Long press the button while the filter ejects, then push on the filter and push the button to release the filter. You may have to unplug the fridge and remove the grille to access the filter better. Then, press the filter in again and push the button some more and the filter will disengage

If the water filter is located inside the fridge, open the compartment door, it should open upwards. When the door opens, pull the filter out. If the water filter is stuck, try to close and re-open the water filter compartment door.

Make sure you open the door fully then turn off the water supply. With the help of a water dispenser, purge some water into the waterline. Dispense a few cups of water and some pressure will be released into the waterline. Try removing the water filter.

For a pull-tab with a stuck water filter, open the compartment doors completely. Look at the shelf arrangement and remove the one located below the water filter compartment. Turn the filter counterclockwise, then to the left, and pull it out.

Do You Have To Turn The Water Off To Change Refrigerator Filter?

No, you do not have to turn off the water supply when replacing old water filters. However, there will be a lot of mess created at the surface you are working on because water will leak as you remove the water filter.

It is advisable for you to turn off the water supply when replacing water filters to prevent leakages. If you do not want to end up cleaning about 1” of water on your kitchen floor, you probably should turn off the water supply.

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How Does A Refrigerator Work Without A Water Filter?

Most manufacturers include water filters in their refrigerators. A filter for a whirlpool refrigerator is important but sometimes a fridge can work without them.

If a fridge does not have a water filter, water skips the filtration step to go directly into the water dispenser or ice maker. There are refrigerator models that require a bypass plug for the water to skip the filtration process.

The plug prevents water from entering where the fridge filter should be located. In the absence of a water filter, the plug must be present otherwise; the water system will not work.

FAQs Of How To Change Water Filter In Whirlpool Fridge?

Why Do You Have To Run Water Through A New Filter?

The water filter is made using carbon media. The filter also is contaminated and traps harmful particles while in transit. It is important to run about 4 gallons of clean water through the new filter to flush out all these. If you do not, these contaminants interfere with water taste, color, and smell.

How Much Water Should You Run After Changing A Filter?

Experts recommend that you run 2-5 gallons of cold water through a new filter and let it run for about five minutes. This water is enough to flush out anything that can contaminate water, leaving it safe for drinking.

Do I Need To Turn Off The Water To Replace The Refrigerator Filter?

You do not necessarily have to turn off the water when installing a new filter but it would help a lot if you did. There will be no leakages and you will not have a lot of cleaning to do after you finish with the new filter.

How Much Water Do I Need To Flush Through A New Refrigerator Filter?

You need 2-5 gallons of water to flush a new filter completely and wash away all contaminants and air bubbles trapped inside.

How Do I Turn Off The Light On My Whirlpool Refrigerator?

The door switch controls the lights on the inside of your Whirlpool refrigerator. When you open or close the door, the indicator light switch turns on or off respectively.

You can also turn the light on by opening the door and pressing the switch located next to the temperature control knob on the base grille. When the switch is on, the refrigerator lights will remain on until you switch off.

Can I Use My Refrigerator Without The Water Filter?

The answer is a yes and no, depending on the refrigerator model you have. For some fridges, the icemaker and water dispenser can work well without the water filter.

However, some will need an extra part called a filter bypass to function optimally. What happens if you do not replace the water filter in the refrigerator?

Failure to replace the fridge water filter makes the filter clog. The deposit will build up and scaling will start to occur.

All these adverse effects cause the water system to malfunction by causing a low water flow. Furthermore, it affects negatively the taste and smell of water.

Will Whirlpool Refrigerator Make Ice Without A Filter?

If a Whirlpool fridge does not have a water filter, then it must have a bypass plug for it to make ice. The plug replaces the filter in the filter housing.

It functions by blocking water from going where the filter should be. It will not form ice if the refrigerator misses both the filter and the bypass plug.

Is It Necessary To Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter Every 6 Months?

Whirlpool refrigerator filters work effectively to reduce sediments, odor, and chlorine taste in water. It is necessary that for them to continue working effectively, they be replaced after 6 months.

If six months seems too short a period, then do not leave it intact for more than a year. The longer you leave a carbon filter in the fridge, the more harmful you make the water.

Final Verdict of How To Change Water Filter In Whirlpool Fridge?

Knowing how to change the water filter in a whirlpool fridge will save you a lot. You will continue to enjoy clean and odorless water that does not taste like metal.

Furthermore, you save a few bucks that you would have otherwise used to pay an expert to do the job for you. Now that you know whirlpool filter replacement, go ahead and DIY.

Remember to run enough water to clean the system first before you sit down to enjoy a glass of cold water. The tips, tricks, and FAQ answers covered here should help you get by the whole process with ease. Also, refer to the instruction manual for further instructions.

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