How to Remove GE Profile Microwave Trim Kit? 10 Easy Steps

Built-in microwave ovens use trim kits around the perimeter to seal the edges and allow the oven to blend into existing cabinetry.

Trim Kits can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. However, their installation mechanism is exactly the same and can be done with screws or nails.

If the microwave trim kits are custom made, they can be installed with nails in the front of the cabinetry.

Regardless of the type of Trim kit, you need to know how to remove it if you are going to service your microwave or need to replace it.

Here, we guide you through the necessary steps so you know how to remove the GE profile microwave trim kit faster than you can think and without damaging your expensive appliance.

Without wasting any time, let’s jump right in.

Process Of How To Remove GE Profile Microwave Trim Kit?

As I said earlier, GE Profile Microwave is an expensive piece of equipment. Therefore, you need to follow the right process if you want to change anything about it and not damage it.

It has a set of hardware structures and if you tamper with them, it can become inoperable or less effective.

So if you want to replace the trim kit or remove it for other maintenance purposes, you must follow the prescribed steps.

There are some basic tools that you need to successfully go through the process.

Things You Will Need

The following kits are a must-have if you want to open the trim kit. This will help you through the process.

  • Standard Philips screwdriver
  • Cordless drill driver
  • Pocket knife

Now that you have these tools, it’s time to jump into the operation. However, if you do not feel like coping with the process yourself, it is better to call the service of a professional operator.

Recommended Best Equipment

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But if you have the courage, let’s go.

Step One

Before anything else, make sure your machine is unplugged. No current should be flowing through your microwave. This step is important to ensure you don’t get electrocuted when you open your device. Also, it ensures that you don’t short-circuit the device, which can cause damage.

Step Two

The next step to removing the GE profile microwave trim kit is to remove the decorative frame that is used to fill all the right, left, bottom, and top sides of the microwave.

Step Three

So start by locating all the screws. You can try to gently slide it back into the cabinet, which in most cases will cause it to move to signal that there are no screws holding it in place. Gently pushing in will ensure you have access to its underside.

Step Four

Look for all of the screws in each of its corners, including the bottom and top of the door. In most cases, you will see two screws on the top of the door though this will depend on the microwave model that you are working on.

If you see a screw, use either a screwdriver or a cordless drill. Remove them carefully, so you won’t break them. Then put them in a safer place as you will need them again.

Step Five

Also, examine the underside and you will see two screws that you will need to remove with the screwdriver or cordless drill. Keep in mind that you may not see the screws directly and will need to pop out the rubber plugs to expose them.

Step Six

If you removed all of the trim kit screws, your trim kit should now be loose. Since there are no other screws, after careful examination, you can pull out the trim frame. Slide the knife under it to poke it again. Then use both hands to gently pull the kit’s frame out of position.

Step Seven

The next step is to work on the upper bracket, which is also not complicated to remove. The mounting bracket typically has five to six Phillips or pan head screws. Remove all screws to release the bracket.

Step Eight

After working on the top bracket, it’s now time to work on the bottom bracket. The process for removing the bottom mounting bracket is similar to removing the top mounting bracket. In addition, all screws must be removed.

Step Nine

The next step, after making sure all the mounting bracket screws have been removed and removed yourself and also the trim kit has been successfully removed, it is then time to slide your microwave out of the cabinet.

Step Ten

Now your microwave is accessible and you can perform the maintenance practices you intended. Be it changing the bulb or replacing the microwave trim kit with another one.

After you’re done with your maintenance job, you can reverse the steps to fix everything in place.

How Do I Install A GE Profile Trim Kit?

First, open your microwave’s door and locate the screws, usually four, located on the top and bottom edges of the door frame. Drill a hole through the top bracket using a suitable cordless drill/driver.

The holes will be used to screw the bracket to the cabinet. The next step is to attach the trim kit by screwing in the four screws with either a screwdriver or a cordless drill.

Then place the upper bracket on the top of the bracket and the lower bracket on the bottom of the bracket. Finally, screw the bracket frame into position and your Trim kit will be fully installed.

How Do You Install A GE Profile Microwave?

Just like learning how to remove the GE profile microwave trim kit, installing a GE profile microwave is as easy as it sounds.

All GE profile microwaves come with installation instructions. Therefore, read the GE profile microwave manual or the installation instructions thoroughly before beginning any installation step.

Then gather any tools you might need along the way, including a screwdriver, tape measure, and a drill with a drill bit.

The next step is to measure the width and height of the cabinet opening, which should match the width and height of your microwave oven. Next, confirm the power supply which should be supported by your device.

To install the microwave, first, install the spacers and carefully align your appliance with them.

After making sure the unit is centered, drill similar holes as in the mounting bracket, then align the plastic washers to the brackets.

Your ge profile microwave is installed; you can now switch it on.

Frequently Asked Question

How Does A Microwave Trim Kit Work?

Most microwaves come with a trim kit, which is not just for aesthetics but is a very important element of the whole unit.

The main purpose of the GE microwave trim kit is to convert a countertop microwave into a Ge built-in microwave oven and it is designed to encourage the necessary ventilation apart from just giving it a built-in look.

Its design ensures that you can easily place your device in it and have the installation you want. In other words, they fit your device snugly in the wall of the cabinets.

How Do You Remove A GE Spacemaker XL?

The first step is to disconnect the power supply. Typically, find the power plug in the cabinet above the microwave or on the wall above the microwave.

Remove any screws that go through the cabinet to the top or bottom of your microwave. Please note that after removing the front screws, the front of the microwave may fall off and you will need someone’s help to do this carefully.

Dismantle the device from the mounting plate by rotating it slightly downwards and then lifting the back. Your device is now loose and you can take it anywhere.

How Do You Take A GE Profile Microwave Apart?

First, gather the necessary tools, the main ones are an insulated screwdriver and putty knife. If you want to access the motor, unscrew the bottom panel and
If you want to remove the door, unscrew the mounting screws and prick the rubber with the putty knife.

One of the GE profile microwave parts that you will also want to remove is the control board which has two mounting that can be accessed from the top panel screws.

How Do You Remove A GE Microwave Under Cabinet?

If you want to remove the GE microwave with a trim kit start by disconnecting power by unplugging the power cords from the wall unit.

The power cord can be located in the cabinet next to or above the microwave. So check. Then, using a suitable screwdriver or drill, unscrew the bottom of the cabinet while supporting the microwave from below.

Next, slide the microwave slightly into the top of the cabinet. Then gently pull it forward while tilting its bottom up. This will release your device from the wall mount.

After that, pull it forward and carefully lower it onto a counter. Then unplug the power cord by gently twisting it so that it comes through the hole in the cabinet.

You’re done, you’ve removed the GE profile microwave with trim kit under the cabinet.

How Do You Remove An Old GE Wall Oven?

Each GE wall oven is typically held in place by two screws that pass through the bottom of the cabinet. In most cases, these screws are usually hidden and you have to poke rubber to expose them.

Also, it needs at least two people to safely remove an old GE wall oven. But to remove an old GE wall oven, loosen the two screws and then lower the front while raising the back.

Bottom Line

You might want to install a new oven after your old version went out of style, either you wanted to remove some of its components or perform GE profile microwave troubleshooting.

The gateway remains to remove the trim kit. Regardless of the reasons you wanted to remove the GE profile microwave trim kit, now you know how to do it quickly and safely.

The steps are no longer complicated and anyone who wants to learn how to remove the GE profile microwave trim kit can follow closely.

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