How To Remove Bosch Microwave Trim Kit? 8 Easy Steps!

Is your Bosch microwave faulty? Would you like to replace it with another modern model? Regardless, you must first remove the trim kit.

Few don’t know how to approach it properly, but while you’re here, you don’t have to worry. Here we have the easiest method outlined in steps on how to remove Bosch Microwave Trim Kit without damaging your expensive appliance.

Properly removing the Trim kit is an important step in removing your Bosch built-in microwave. One thing, make sure you have the right replacement first before embarking on the steps.

All in all, let’s look at the Bosch Trim kit removal process.

Process of Removing The Bosch Microwave Trim Kit

If you want access to the internal components of your Bosch inbuilt Microwave, you must first remove the trim kit.

However, before you begin the steps to remove your microwave’s trim kit, it’s important to be sure of the steps you need to take.

It is very important to remove the trim kit the right way, as you may need it to use it again. You should not alter it in any way, regardless of the reasons you are taking it out.

In this guide, we will walk you through a few simple steps on how to remove the Bosch Microwave Trim Kit. Without wasting any time, let’s light our pot.

Gather All The Necessary Tools

It is necessary to have the right tools for the process. The right tools ensure that you take the steps as quickly and as safely as possible. Some of the tools needed when removing the Bosch Trim kit include;

  • Putty knife
  • Cordless driller
  • Plywood
  • Cutting pliers
  • Chisel

Step one: Disconnect The Power Supply

Above all, the next step is to make sure that your Bosch microwave is not connected to the power supply.

Your device is a high-power consumer and poses a risk of short circuits and electric shocks. Therefore, make sure that the power cord is unplugged.

Step Two: Slide-In The Knife

Slide the knife under one side of the frame. It preferred not to go in more than an inch. Then release the frame by gently twitching the knife.

Step Three: Slide The Chisel Into The Frame.

Take your chisel and push its tip into the space created by the knife. This creates space for the plywood to fit under the frame.

Step Four: Remove The First Side of The Frame.

The next step is to slide the plywood between the space created after inserting the chisel tip. Then gently press it downward, which removes the first side of the frame.

Step Five: Repeat For Other Parts

You should then repeat the two steps above to remove the other three pieces of the frame. Remember that there is a point where the nails are used to fasten the cabinet.

In such cases, use pliers to remove them. Also, remember to keep the screws safe as you will need them in the new installations.

Step Six: Call The Second Person For Help

Although it may depend on the model of your Bosch microwave, you may need the help of a second person as the appliance is usually heavy.

Also, if the device is hardwired, we recommend you to call the tech, so don’t get shocked and don’t short-circuit your expensive device.

Step Seven: Remove The Microwave From The Cabinet

To simply remove the Bosch microwave from the cabinet, gently slide it out far enough so that it protrudes enough to carry. This should be done while supporting its underside and this is where second person help comes into play.

Step Eight: Lay It On A Flat Surface

You can then place your Bosch microwave oven Combo on a flat surface such as a worktop. Your microwave is now accessible and you can do whatever you want with it.

Best Requirement Equipment For Smooth Work

How Do You Remove A Bosch Microwave Cabinet?

Before removing the Bosch microwave oven from the cabinet, you need to remove it from the Trim kit. After ensuring your device is not connected to the mains supply, take your knife and slide it under one side of the Trim kit.

Make sure it doesn’t go beyond an inch. Then take a chisel and insert its tip into the space created by the knife.

Next, place plywood under the chisel and gently push it over the chisel to release the frame. Repeat these steps for other parts and the Trim kit will be free from your microwave.

How Do You Remove A Microwave Frame?

Start by inspecting the outside of your microwave with the trim kit and its edges. Notice how many screws you see. Also, open the door and look around the edges to see if you can see any screws.

Then unscrew all of them with a cordless drill or a suitable screwdriver while keeping them in a safer place as you will need them again. Note that some screws may not be directly visible and you need to remove some small plugs to expose them.

In such a case, use a knife to poke out these vinyl plugs.
After making sure all the screws are loosened, the next step is to insert the end of the screwdriver into one side of the frame.

Then slide and tilt to detach the frame from the microwave. Repeat to loosen the other sides of the Trim kit and that’s all.

How Do You Clean A Bosch Microwave Drawer?

If the smell coming from your microwave isn’t appealing, it’s time to wash the drawer. The exercise is very easy when dealing with Bosch built-in microwave models.

But even though it’s easy, just like how to remove the Bosch microwave Trim kit, there are some steps to follow for safety reasons.

To clean the Bosch microwave drawer, take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with two cups of warm water. Then add two tablespoons of vinegar and stir gently. Insert a toothpick into the mixture.

This is necessary to prevent boiling over. Then place this mixture in the microwave and heat for about five minutes. Then allow the mixture to cool, which shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

Give the microwave some time to cool as well, and use a sponge soaked in your mixture to wipe out the drawer.

How Do You Remove A Bosch Integrated Microwave?

Bosch integrated microwave implies that it is a built-in microwave. Such oven models use a Trim kit to tightly fit into the cabinet. To remove such a microwave model from the cabinet, it is first necessary to remove the Trim kit.

Therefore, disconnect your device from the power supply. Then locate all of the screws that hold the microwave trim kit in place. Some may be driving from the inside, and you’ll need to open the microwave door to find them.

Some may also be covered with vinyl plugs and you will need to remove such plugs to expose these screws. Then loosen all screws with a suitable screwdriver or cordless drill.

Next, take your knife and insert an inch of it into one side of the frame. Gently tilt the knife to loosen the frame and repeat for the other three pieces of the frame.

After removing the frame, gently pull the microwave out of the cabinet while supporting the bottom. If your model is heavy, you should ask the second person for help. But if you can carry it alone, then do so and put it on a flat surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose of A Microwave Trim kit?

A primary purpose of the Trim kits is to convert countertop ovens into built-in ovens. These kits are usually designed to provide the ventilation required for a countertop oven when converted to a built-in oven.

It consists of four parts, the bottom, the top, and both sides, which ensures that the countertop oven fits tightly in a cabinet.

Trim kits, sometimes called the panels or frames can also be used to add an aesthetic appearance to built-in microwave ovens apart from just converting countertop ovens into built-in ovens.

What Is The Cover Inside A Microwave For?

The cover in the microwave is a very important element of the entire oven that ensures your safety. Its primary purpose is to prevent food particles or steam from interacting with electrical components in your microwave. If leftover food or steam gets into the oven cavity, it can lead to disaster.

Are Microwave Trim Kits Universal?

Trim kits are not universal as microwaves come in a variety of sizes. Also, the cabinet opening may be different and make the trim kits not fit.

However, most of the custom trim kits are nearly universal as they can be cut to fit any oven or cabinet opening while still offering attractive styles as well as making it easy to install a built-in oven.

Can I Use Any Trim Kit For My Microwave?

You can use any trim kit for your microwave provided it fits. In addition, you should ensure that the Trim kit provides adequate ventilation space, which is ideal for your oven to function properly.

Why Does My Microwave Spark When I Melt Butter?

It’s normal to see sparks in your microwave as you melt butter. This is because butter is high in calcium and this mineral is treated like tiny pieces of metal.

When something rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium is melted, the microwave bounces off it, causing the spark effect.

Should I Melt Butter In The Microwave?

There is no danger of melting butter in the microwave. The only risk is burning your butter while softening it in the microwave. Butter contains whey protein, which can burn if melted in an oven.

Also, butter is high in calcium, an element that the oven can treat as tiny metals. You’ll see some sparks, but that shouldn’t bother you.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the ingenious design of your Built-in microwave ovens, removing the Trim kit shouldn’t be difficult.

Using the steps above on how to remove the Bosch Microwave Trim Kit should make it look easier than you imagined.

In addition, removing the Bosch inbuilt Microwave from the cabinet is also easier. Depending on what you intend to do with your trim kit, do the job carefully by following the steps outlined here.

Follow each step carefully so you don’t break, bend the frame or damage your expensive Bosch microwave or Bosch microwave parts.

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