How To Change Pur Water Filter? Smooth Steps

Do you know how safe the water flowing in your kitchen faucet is? Do you know the paths it goes through before reaching your kitchen tap? Can you use the said water for cleaning, cooking, and drinking without worrying about the outcome?

There is no definite answer to this question until you get assurance that the water is safe for human consumption. There are many ways you can purify the water for use including pur water filter installation.

You just need to know how to change Pur water filter when the need arises.
Pur water filters come in different types. You will find pitchers, refrigerator water filters, faucet filters, and dispenser filters.

All these filters work with the sole purpose of removing or reducing harmful particles found in water to make it as pure as you need it to be.

Filters remove heavy metals, bad taste and odor, disinfection by-products, industrial pollutants, particulates, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals from water.

Pur water purifier comes with a water filter light that will notify you through different colors when you need to change the filter. We shall cover in detail how to change each of the various types of water filters.

Once you install any pur water replacement filter, you start enjoying clean and fresh tasting water that smells like water. Many contaminants that you can’t see can enter your water.

Therefore, you need to have a superior water filtration system. Pur prides itself in designing and manufacturing water filtration systems that you can use in various places in your house.

They care about your health and therefore come up with systems that remove all the impurities in the water before you start to use it. In this article, we shall lo at how to change a pur water filter and also answer a few questions about the filters.

How To Replace Pur Water Filter?

Some people prefer plastic water bottles because of the perceived cleanliness and taste but it is expensive and unsustainable. There has to be another way of getting the cleanest and most excellent water quality to drink.

It is here that water filters and filter pitchers become essential. Filters get rid of contaminants in tap water, while an extra filtration layer removes micro-organisms, chemicals, and pesticides.

Pur water filter is used to remove contaminants from the water making it safe, cleaner, and with a better taste. It will also remove smells, odors, unpleasant smells, chemicals, and biological organisms. That is why changing pur water filter is essential.

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Pur Water Filter Pitcher Advantages

There are many benefits that you will enjoy when you choose a Pur water filter pitcher over drinking water directly from the tap or bottled water. It is easy to use and can be used several times a day to remove water contaminants.

It works effectively to remove zinc, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, micro-organisms, and chemicals. It improves the taste of water and encourages you to drink more water.

When contaminants are removed, the water tastes good and helps to preserve the natural flavor of food. To crown it all, it is easier to sustain a Pur water filter pitcher than it is with bottled water.

Remove PUR Filter from the Pitcher

If you are looking for tips on how to remove pur water filter, we have to go you covered. Removing a water filter is an important part of maintenance, it helps to maintain the quality of drinking water in a household.

Over time, residue collects on the filter which affects how efficiently it works. You do not need any special tools to disconnect the filter from the pitcher, your bare hands can get the job done in a few minutes. Ensure the pour tray is empty to avoid any spills.

To remove the filter from the pitcher, take the lid off and pull the pour tray that holds the filter. Rotate the filter counterclockwise to unhook until it has separated from the tray.

Pur Water Filter Dispenser

Apart from pitchers, Pur provides filter dispensers. A water filter dispenser comes with a large compartment that has a filter. Water is placed inside the compartment for purification.

In addition, the dispenser is designed with a tap that dispenses clean great-tasting water. Pur water filter dispensers carry a higher water capacity than pitchers.

A dispenser can run up to 40 gallons of water in a period spanning two months before you can think about replacing the filter. The dispenser looks like a water-cooling system that you can place on a countertop to get warm, cold or hot water quickly.

Are you familiar with the water cooling system that sits on most kitchen countertops used to get cold, hot, or warm water? The Pur water filter dispenser works similarly only that it has an extra compartment for filtering water.

It also has a tap to withdraw water from the dispenser and into a tumbler to drink. The filtering compartment makes the water clean and safe for consumption.

Replacement of PUR Water Filter

You will know that the Pur water filter needs immediate replacement if the LED light indicator attached to the lid lights red. On average, this will start to show after two months or if the system has filtered up to 40 gallons of water.

If you have no time to read the manual, start by submerging the new filter in cold water and let it soak for 15 minutes to remove excess carbon. Then, remove the old filter using the procedure discussed above.

Then, unscrew the bottom cap to detach the old filter and push the new filter while turning it clockwise until you hear a click sound. Let the water run for five minutes before you can let it filter to maximum capacity.

Pur Water Filter Refrigerator

This kind of water filter comes with a cartridge that you can attach to an inbuilt holder in your refrigerator, modern fridges have this holder.

This cartridge works by filtering the water in the dispenser and the ice maker to make sure both sources are safe for drinking. It works best to help you enjoy a glass of cold, clean, and fresh-smelling water.

Pur Water Filter Faucet

Pur also provides a water filtration system that can be attached to the tap on your sink. You can start enjoying clean, crisp, and refreshing water directly from your tap.

How To Change Pur Water Filter Pitcher?

When the filter has been used for a long duration in time, it starts to lose efficiency. You need to check that you are buying the filter pitcher from an authorized Pur dealer and that it fits the system you have.

When it comes to pur water pitcher filter replacement, you must soak the new filter in cold water before replacing it.

This process may seem simple but it removes all the residue and dust that the filter may have acquired in the course of shipping. This is done to ensure that water flows freely through the pitcher after it is installed.

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Follow pur water filter replacement instructions below.

Step One: submerge the new filter in warm or cold water for about 15 minutes. If you choose to use warm water, make sure it is not above 860F.

Step Two: while you wait for the filter to soak, remove the old filter by rotating it anticlockwise then remove the lid from the pitcher. Once removed, clean the protective covering and set it aside to dry.

Step Three: lift the pour tray to reach the cylindrical filter. Look out for a blue plastic water holder at the top of the filter, that is the cylindrical filter. Drain the water out of the pour tray.

Step Four: hold the cylindrical filter from the base of the jug and turn it anticlockwise to detach. Pull the nonfunctional filter system out and throw it away into the bin.

Step Five: make sure the pour tray is completely dry to make it easy to remove.

Step Six: run the new filter through tap water for a few minutes and shake well to remove excess water. Make sure you are using cold water to prevent the filter system from getting damaged.

Step Seven: put the filter on the pour tray and turn it clockwise until you can’t push anymore.

Step Eight: slide in the long cylindrical projection on the new filter in the hole located at the center of the tray. Continue pushing until it is tight enough.

Step Nine: hold the base of the filter tightly and cork it into position. Keep rotating until you see the filter popping out of the tray. It should stay firm and intact on the pour tray. If it is not in place, cork again until it is tight.

Step Ten: place the pour tray back in the water pitchers and place the lid. Make sure the cap is tight and place the jug in your desired position.

Step Eleven: for the pitcher filter to work properly, make sure you reset the system after replacement. Resetting makes sure the LED lights that come with the system are correctly displayed. To reset the system, press the reset button for five seconds. A green light should show to indicate that the filter pitcher is installed properly.

Step Twelve: Start enjoying cleaner water from your newly installed filter pitcher. However, wait a few minutes before you can start drinking the water.

How Do You Change A Water Filter Dispenser?

Like you would do with water filter pitchers, you must also soak the new filter in cold water to remove any residue. And make water flow evenly and freely.

Always get the new dispenser from an authorized Pur water dealer. The danger of getting the dispenser filter from third-party retailers is that it may not match the system you have. You also run the risk of getting substandard products.

To change the Pur dispenser filter, follow the procedure below.

Step i: fetch water in a bowl or basin and set the temperature to not more than 300C. put the new filter in the water, make sure it is covered in water and let it soak for 15 minutes. This works well in preventing filter damage.

Step ii: rotate the old filter counterclockwise, remove the lid from the dispenser, and put it on the side.

Step iii: locate the pour tray which is a blue plastic reservoir and lift it. Hold the cylindrical filter at the base of the dispenser and rotate it anticlockwise. In a few seconds, you will have unhooked the filter from the system, pull it out and dispose of it correctly.

Step iv: drain any water from the pour tray and let it dry so that you can remove it easily.

Step v: remove the submerged new filter from the basin and put it under running water for about 15 seconds then shake vigorously to remove any excess water. Do not rinse with hot water lest you damage the filter system.

Step vi: fit the filter clockwise on the pour tray. Push the cylindrical part of the new filter into the hole at the center of the pour tray. Keep pushing it in until you can’t push further.

Step vii: hold the filter bottom firmly and twist it clockwise until it fits correctly in position.

Step viii: tap the back of the filter to ensure it does not pop out of the tray. If it pops, reinsert it and twist it again clockwise until the grip is secured.

Step ix: put the pour tray back into the dispenser and replace the lid.

Step x: take a few minutes to reset the dispenser filter by pressing the reset button for about five seconds. The green light will go on indicating that the filter is good to go and you can start using it.

Step Xi: place a cup or tumbler below the dispenser tap and extract clean, safe, and fresh smelling water to drink.

Step Xii: if you are using an older model of Pur water filter dispenser, you may not see the green light blinking. That should not be a problem because older models were made minus the electronic displays.

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How Do You Change Pur Water Filter Faucet?

Apart from drinking water, you also want toxic-free water for cooking and cleaning a few areas in the house. You cannot get all this water from the dispenser; you can only get it directly from the tap.

Pur has designed a water filter faucet to attach to your kitchen sink to get clean water. The beauty is, that the water will not only be used for cleaning and cooking but for drinking as well since it is as clean as that from the dispenser or pitcher.

If your water filter faucet is no longer extracting clean water like before, use the following procedure to change it.

Step 1: unscrew the filtration system from your kitchen tap. You must be extra careful as you start the procedure since the system is somewhat delicate, it may slip and fall off.

Step 2: hold the filtration system tightly and turn the plastic nut anticlockwise so that it becomes loose.

Step 3: When the system becomes loose, it snaps on the tap. If it does not snap, just turn it off directly from the tap. This should take a few seconds since the system is already loose

Step 4: put the Pur water system on the countertop to allow all the water to drain out.

Step 5: check on the other end of the system’s spout to find the top cover. Check the part of the system that dispenses clean water. Rotate the cover to open the system then remove the old filter

Step 6: hold the filtration system with the cylindrical rounded side facing up.

Step 7: rotate the cylinder’s top from the right side to the left. Put the cover on the side and pull the old filter from the system.

Step 8: discard the old worn-out filter safely.

Step 9: put the new filter into the system, align it into position, put the cover and screw to tighten. Place the narrow end at the bottom and the Pur logo facing upwards on the right side.

Step 10: Place the top cover back on the filter and lock it properly in place.

Step 11: Run cold water through the new filtration system for a few minutes to get rid of any residues that may be in the filter. The few minutes are mandatory so that the filter functions efficiently.

Step 12: revolve the handle to allow water to start going through the system. At first, the water may appear cloudy but after the few minutes are over, it should be clear.

How Do You Change Pur Water Filter Refrigerator?

Who can pass off drinking a glass of ice-cold water free from soil deposits, chlorine, and unpleasant odor? A water filter refrigerator works efficiently to get you water that tastes as good as from the source.

A refrigerator filter removes benzene, o-Dichlorobenzene, bad odor, and sediments from water. The filter comes with a light indicator that alerts you when the fridge can no longer purify water.

Most Pur refrigerator filters come with cartridges that can fit modern fridges. Modern refrigerators can have either a push-button filter or a twist-on filter.
Let’s look at the steps you will follow to change a water filter refrigerator.

Step One: locate where the filter is. For twist-on filters, the filter is found behind the bottom grill. In some fridges, you will find it in the upper right or bottom corner of the chamber.

On the push-in filters, the filter is found behind the bottom grill. Alternatively, you can check inside the top chamber or in one of the drawers.

Step Two: for the twist-on filter, find the twist-on feature and turn it a quarter turn anticlockwise. In a push-on filter, push the button to loosen the filter.

Step three: jerk the filter out of the holder.

Step Four: remove the cover from the old filter.

Step Five: place the cover on the new filter and slide it into the holder then turn it quarter way clockwise.

Step Six: push further to lock it into place.

Step Seven: run cold water through the new filter to flush out residue. You will see some grey or black particles in the water. These are carbon filters, not harmful but still need to be flushed out.

You may have to discard the first few cups of water or ice that may have black or grey specks.

How Often Should I Change My PUR Water Filter?

You already have an idea of how to change different kinds of water filters in your house. You can now change any Pur water filters including the dispenser, pitcher, faucet, and refrigerator.

Most of these systems will work for a particular period or purify a certain number of gallons of water. With time, the filters wear out and you may not be drinking as clean and tasty water as it was before.

You will be forced to change the filter. The question is, how often should you change the Pur water filter? The answer depends on several things.

PUR Water Filters Purpose

The main purpose of a Pur water filter is to provide clean, safe, and refreshing water for you and your family. The filters do that by removing any water contaminants from water that may interfere with the taste, smell, and cleanliness of the water.

Such contaminants include things like chlorine, copper, zinc, pesticides, chemicals, debris, etc. The filter works by easily and evenly passing water through the filtration system to retain the contaminants in the filter.

Pur Faucet/Tap Water Filter

Are you wondering how to change pur water filter faucet? How long should you replace pur faucet filter? Pur water faucet filters work efficiently to purify up to about 100 gallons of water or with average use of up to a maximum of three months.

This means that you can change the filter that purifies your tap water after two or three months. You will know if the filter needs to be replaced earlier or later by looking at the indicator light. Red light signals that you need to replace immediately.

Pur Pitchers and Dispensers Filter

A pitcher filters about 40 gallons of water for about two months. The pitcher comes in form of a jug that you can place on a countertop. The dispenser has a compartment with a filter where you pour water.

It comes with a tap that is used to dispense water from the compartment. They purify water for the same period as pitchers. So, you should be thinking about a replacement after every two months.

PUR Refrigerator

A Pur refrigerator filter comes with a feature that allows you to fit it in any fridge. It is fixed at the bottom of the refrigerator. Unlike most other filters, a refrigerator water filter is designed to filter large amounts of water.

It can filter up to between 100-200 gallons of water. If you use the filter averagely, it will give you clean and crispy water for six months.

They are also designed to last longer than faucet filters, pitcher filters, and dispensers. So, you do not have to worry about changing it frequently.

Resetting The Indicator Light

The filter light turns red to indicate that the filter needs replacement immediately. When you finally replace a Pur water filter, the yellow or red light does not automatically turn to green.

You must press and hold the reset button for about five seconds. After five seconds, the light turns green to mean the water filtering system is working and can purify water.

Once the light turns green, you can start fetching water for consumption, cooking, or cleaning. The light could remain red after changing the filter. If this is the case, check the electric circuit for any disconnections.

Alternatively, the filter could have some traces of impurities traced, just remove it and clean with mild dishwashing soap.

Frequency Of Use

How often you will change your Pur water filter depends on the frequency of use. The filter will last longer if it does not filter a lot of water and a shorter period if you filter so much.

For example, if you are running a household with less than five people, the water pitcher or dispenser will last longer than the average two months. However, if you have many family members or you host visitors frequently, then the filter may wear out in a few weeks.

Level Of Impurity

You may need to change the water filter sooner than expected and more regularly if the water running through your system has lots of impurities.

When the water has high levels of chlorine, copper, zinc, chemicals, sediments, and other kinds of impurities, the filter will get clogged earlier than the recommended time.

If the water is clean, you will stick with the Pur water filter longer than the average timeline. The major purpose of a filter is to remove the impurities and not accumulate them.

How Do You Know When To Change Your PUR Water Filter?

All Pur water filters come with a light indicator that shows if the filter is still functional or if it needs replacement. There is no need to guess if changing pur water filter is necessary or not.

Although all Pur filters come with indicators, different models have their indicators placed in different positions. A faucet filter has its display light on the side, the dispenser and pitcher have their light displays on the lid while the refrigerator places the display at different positions depending on the model.

The lights are either red, green, or yellow, each with a different meaning.
Greenlight indicates that the filter is working effectively and there is no need to replace it.

The yellow light indicates that the filter is working at half its capacity and that you should start thinking about replacing it soon. When this light starts to flash, start shopping around for another Pur filter to replace.

The red light tells you that the filter is not working and that there is no water being purified. If you drink water that is dispensed from a system displaying red light, rest assured that you have taken unclean, unsafe, and contaminated water.

Keep watch for the color of the light, especially when approaching the end of the recommended life span for the filter. Also, if you have a full house, look out for the yellow light early enough. Do not wait for the light to turn red before you start running around for a new water filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Run Water Through A New PUR Filter?

Different Pur water filters purify different amounts of water for specific periods. Pur filters can filter between 40 and 100 gallons of water depending on the kind of filter.

You can run about 100 gallons of water through a refrigerator water filter and up to 40 gallons for pitchers and dispensers. By the time the filter light turns from green to yellow, it means you have one or two more gallons of pure water left to use. You should start shopping.

Where Is The Reset Button On The PUR Water Filter?

You already know that when you replace a Pur water filter, the light does not turn green immediately, you need to reset it. But where is the reset button that you need to press?

The reset button is found in the chamber on the side wards where the water is. It is about ½ inch long and a gentle push will make it pop out. Once it pops out, the reset lights turn green.

Is There A Battery In The PUR Water Filter?

The electronic change light comes with a non-replaceable battery. With continued use for several years, the battery eventually stops working but the filter will still function.

The battery will last about three years before it stops working. You should wait until you see a red flashing light that indicates the battery is no longer working before attempting to remove it. The battery has its compartment at the top of the filter head.

Bottom Line Of How To Change Pur Water Filter

I don’t think you still want to consume water directly from the tap after learning all the above, now do you? Take advantage of the knowledge you have just acquired and start shopping for a Pur water filter of your choice.

Whether you settle for a pitcher, dispenser, filter faucet, or refrigerator filter, you are sure of consuming water free from copper, cadmium, bacteria, chlorine, copper, asbestos, pesticides, chemicals, or any other contaminants.

The good news is refrigerator filters are compatible with modern fridges.
If you have used the filter long enough and the light has turned from green to yellow, don’t waste any more time, walk into a plumbing shop and buy a new Pur filter to replace when the light finally turns red.

The process of how to change Pur water filter is easy, takes a few minutes and you can DIY it. Remember to dispose of the worn-out filter properly and safely.

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