Bosch Dishwasher Stops Mid Cycle? Explained & Fixes

Mishaps happen around our household time and again. Electrical appliances, including the Bosch dishwasher can fail to work, and you wonder what could be wrong with your machine.

Have you had your Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle? What did you do? Did you panic? Well, no need to panic no more; these are common issues that can be fixed in a short time.

This article will explain why your Bosch dishwasher might stop mid-cycle and give you a possible solution to the issue.

Also, I will walk you through the process of troubleshooting the Bosch dishwasher in case it stops functioning prematurely.

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Why Does My Bosch Dishwasher Keep Stopping Mid-Cycle?

If you have a Bosch dishwasher, you are likely to have come across your equipment ceasing to function mid-cycle. The dishwasher stopping mid-cycle can be attributed to many issues, but what could be wrong with yours?

Below are some of the main reasons why your Bosch dishwasher keeps on stopping mid-cycle.

Blown Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse in electrical appliances is vital for protecting the equipment’s motor from overheating by controlling the amount of current flow. Therefore, installing a thermal fuse in a dishwasher is a safety precaution.

What happens in case the fuse gets blown? When the fuse gets blown, it is apparent that it ceases to function and can thus lead to the premature end of the machine’s operation.

Once the fuse is blown, then you will not restart your dishwasher. Knowing whether your fuse is blown or not is easy; look out for the indicator light in front of the dishwasher.

No lights mean the dishwasher is not restarting, resulting in a defective thermal fuse. More often than not, the absence of light indicates that there is no current which is flowing to the dishwasher.

However, to ascertain the assumption, engaging an expert is advisable. Although the equipment’s thermal fuse can be faulty, it is not a common issue that blows; at times, the problem might be in the circuit breaker fuse.

However, the fuse is not complex to replace; you can easily change it and get things running. Involve an expert if you are unsure of what you’re doing.

Electronic Control Panel

A Bosch dishwasher comes fitted with a robust control panel, which allows you to control the machine effectively. The control panel is designed to give a durable performance for the appliance’s lifetime.

Although the control panel is constructed to serve for long, things might go south. When the control panel is faulty, it may show lights or not.

Carefully analyzing the display board is the surest way to know whether or not your control panel has shut down. When you experience this issue with your machine, you are likely to key an incorrect setting, a loss of memory, or a reset.

You can fix the problem by resetting your machine or engaging an expert to return your device to a functional state.

Pump And Motor

Handling an electrical appliance is not as easy as it might seem. For instance, the water pump and motor of your dishwasher stop mid-cycle.

The dishwasher will automatically cease to function, causing inconvenience. The pump and motor are essential components of a dishwasher. However, they are not immune to mechanical mishaps.

If your equipment establishes a technical mishap, the entire unit ceases to function mid-cycle. Fixing such a technical issue might challenge you to handle it alone.

Therefore, the effective way to solve the problem is to ensure an expert’s proper inspection of your equipment.

Check The Door Latch

The most apparent reason your dishwasher stops mid-cycle is due to an open door. To perform optimally, the equipment’s door should be closed.

Bosch dishwasher is fitted with a door latch that features a micro-switch for safety to engage appliances. A faulty door latch results in a nonfunctional dishwasher.

Sometimes, the dishwasher might fail to function not because the door latch is faulty but because the micro-switch did not snap well.

However, if the micro-switch poses a challenge, the entire door latch should be replaced. Overloading the equipment with utensils is another challenge to the door latch.

Check Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is essential for the standard functionality of a dishwasher. How does low water pressure cause the dishwasher to stop mid-cycle?

Low water pressure on a dishwasher is insufficient to run the dishwasher, which leads to the dishwasher turning off mid-cycle.

Sufficient water pressure is essential for the top-notch performance of your dishwasher. Lack of adequate water causes the dishwasher to produce unpleasant noise.

Fixing the problem does not require an expert but turning on water from your faucet. The low water pressure in a dishwasher can also be attributed to incorrect water connection, leakage, or water outage from your water supply system.

Fan Assembly

What is the use of a fan in a dishwasher? Not to cool anything but to dry your utensils. Your dishwasher might skip a dry cycle if the fan assembly is faulty.

Take, for instance, you activate the dry process, but still, your utensils come out wet. The problem is with the fan assembly system.

A faulty fan assembly system means the fan is failing to pump hot and moist air, which is required to dry your utensils after they have gone through a complete wash cycle.

The problem with a faulty fan assembly system is that the utensils will undergo a successful wash cycle but come out while dripping; thus, you have to dry your utensils manually.

A faulty fan system is among the reasons why your Bosch dishwasher stops mid-cycle. The solution to this fan issue can be fixed by engaging technicians with knowledge of Bosch appliances, and your equipment will be brought back to normal.

Check Settings

Settings can be one of the issues that can lead to your Bosch dishwasher stopping functioning prematurely. You might enter the wrong settings using the control panel and wait for the machine to work.

However, you will be surprised that the engine roars to life, and after a few minutes, it ceases to be functional.

You might be surprised why but when you key in the wrong settings to your dishwasher machine, it stops functioning mid-cycle.

Therefore you will have to fix the glitch by resetting the machine and operating it from scratch. You will press the reset button for 3 seconds and then restart the device to key in the correct settings.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat, just like a thermal fuse, is a safety feature fitted in the dishwasher to protect the heating element from overheating. A dishwasher might have a well-functioning fan assembly, but the washer is not drying the utensils.

While other parts of the dishwasher might usually perform, the thermostat might be faulty, leading to the Bosch dishwasher not finishing the cycle.

When a thermostat is faulty, cool temperatures are produced from the dishwasher, which is not sufficient to dry the utensils.

Detecting a defective issue is easy since the inside of the dishwasher tends to be unusually cold. Also, if the heating element is faulty, you will not get clean utensils.

How Do I Reset A Bosch Dishwasher Mid-Cycle?

Appliances can be annoying to work with, for instance, while in the middle of doing your chores, and the dishwasher ceases to function.

The first thing to come to mind is, what is the problem? At times, the problem is not as huge as it seems. All you need is just to reset the machine and continue with work.

Instead of picking that phone to call an expert, think about doing it yourself. Do you know how to reset the Bosch dishwasher? Simple. First, locate the reset button, which is not a big deal since the control board is on the door.

So, you will press the power button for about 3 seconds and release it. Also, you can press the reset button for an equal amount of time. Doing this practice clears all the settings giving you the liberty of using the machine afresh. That is Bosch dishwasher reset.

Why Does My Dishwasher Stop After A Few Minutes?

Machines have many different parts. A malfunction in a particular piece can lead to the cessation of the function of your equipment.

Therefore, reasons for your dishwasher shutting off after only a few minutes can be attributed to mechanical glitches from different parts of the machine.

Bosch starts then stops after a few minutes because of technical mishaps for the thermal fuse or the thermostat, power outage, and low water pressure.

Apart from the mentioned issues, incorrect use of the control board and wrong reset might cause the dishwasher to shut down after a few minutes of roaring to life.

Therefore, the ideal way to find out what is wrong with your dishwasher is to find the exact cause.

How Do You Turn Off A Bosch Dishwasher Mid-Cycle?

Several things might happen to your dishwasher, forcing you to stop the dishwasher mid-cycle. You might have misused the control board or keyed the wrong reset, or even you might have noticed a mechanical glitch in the unit.

Bringing a running dishwasher to a halt might pose a challenge to you. This happens because, accessing the control board, you have to open the door, which exposes you to a risk of getting burnt by hot water as you access the control board.

However, there are steps to follow to ensure the safe stopping of your dishwasher, and they are as follows:

Tactically open the door at an angle that will give you access to the control board and cancel the current cycle without getting injured.

Press the reset button to activate the indicator light off. When the lights are finally off, lift your finger from the reset button and close the door.

Let your dishwasher stay for a minute so it can complete draining. When the dishwasher beeps, it indicates that the draining is complete.

Open the door again and press the start button. That will successfully end your cycle, and you can now go ahead to choose a new one.

Yes, How Do I Fix A Dishwasher That Stops Mid-Cycle?

Home appliances get mechanical hitches now and then. A dishwasher ceasing to operate halfway should not come as a surprise.

More often than not, the issue might be easy, and you can fix it on your own. However, to fix your dishwasher accurately, you should properly inspect the machine to determine the primary source of the problem.

Since you can quickly fix your dishwasher, it is essential to remember the warranty so you cannot ruin the machine. Also, remember to be keen on the instructions in the user’s manual.

If you have a dishwasher that keeps stopping halfway, below are some ways to fix it and get it running normally.

Check Out the Water Pressure

A normally functioning dishwasher is dependent on adequate water pressure. Earlier in the article, we saw that low water pressure would result in the Bosch dishwasher stopping mid-cycle.

A dishwasher requires sufficient water to produce threshold pressure to run it normally. A slight drop in water pressure will stop your dishwasher midway. How inconvenient?

To ensure a dishwasher is running without any stoppage, checking the water pressure before use is vital. The drop in water pressure can be attributed to leakage water outage in your water supply.

Ensure you check out your water supply before operating the dishwasher to counter the problem.

Rectify Wrong Reset

Human is to error and to correct is divine. Sometimes you might key in the wrong settings to your dishwasher, and this will cause a glitch.

Well, things happen, and after inappropriate entry, the dishwasher is at risk of stopping halfway. You can solve this issue by resetting the dishwasher.

The steps to fix this glitch include opening the door at an angle to avoid injury from the hot water from the dishwasher.

Access the control board and press the reset button for about 3 seconds. Keep the finger on the button until the indicator light goes off.

Release the button and allow the dishwasher to drain for a minute. Open the door and restart your dishwasher.

Inspect the Door Latch

One of the main reasons your dishwasher keeps stopping is the issue with the faulty door latch. A door requires to be locked so that the dishwasher can function normally.

The door latch has a micro-switch fitting which aids in closing your equipment’s door. The Bosch dishwasher won’t turn on when you lock the door, and the micro-switch fails to snap correctly.

Inspect the door critically to ascertain the problem. Try closing the door and power the machine to see if it will be functional. If it fails to function, the door latch will then be faulty. The remedy to this issue is replacing the whole door latch.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the best safety features in a Bosch dishwasher. The thermostat provides a protective function to the heating element of the dishwasher.

A functional thermostat will efficiently protect the heating element from being exceedingly hot. However, if it is faulty, the heating element will stop prematurely, resulting in cooler temperatures in the dishwasher.

When the thermostat is malfunctioning, the overall effect will be poor drying of the utensils. To check the malfunctioning thermostat, a multi-meter will be helpful.

Unusually cool temperatures in the dishwasher will mainly detect a faulty thermostat. If it turns out to be defective, consult an expert to help fix it or replace it.

Check the Fuse Box

Apart from the thermostat, another safety feature of the dishwasher is the fuse. The fuse is essential in regulating the current flowing to the dishwasher.

A faulty fuse will cause the dishwasher to cease functioning. Therefore it is critical to check your dishwasher for a faulty fuse to avoid stopping mid-cycle.

A faulty fuse will not allow the current to flow to your dishwasher; therefore, when the dishwasher lights are not showing, the fuse might malfunction.

However, power outages always because the electrical appliances stop functioning, ensure you inspect appliances. If the power outage is not the problem, consider fixing your fuse box.

Fan Assembly

The fan is an integral part of a functional dishwasher. A malfunctioning fan might cause your Bosch dishwasher to stop prematurely.

The fan is essential for drying the utensils after going through the washing cycle. A glitch in your dishwasher’s fan assembly system will give you poor performance when cleaning your utensils.

How do you know the fan is malfunctioning? After the cleaning is done, you will find your utensils dripping, which means the fan of your dishwasher is faulty.

After the utensils have gone through a complete wash cycle, the fan fails to pump the hot and moist air, essential for drying. The result is wet utensils from the dishwasher.

What Can Go Wrong With Bosch Dishwasher?

Typically, no machine is perfect. Having one might expose you to several mechanical hitches. A dishwasher, for instance, what could be wrong with it that it stops mid-cycle?

A dishwasher has several parts which might have a glitch and thus causing you to go through the hassle of fixing it. Below are the things that might go wrong with your Bosch dishwasher.

The motor and pump systems of your dishwasher might be faulty. Thus, the dishwasher will not be able to dry your utensils. Electrical mishaps in the fuse box and the thermostat are other common issues that go wrong in a dishwasher.

The thermal fuse, when faulty, will allow no current to reach the dishwasher and thus will not power it. On the other hand, a defective thermostat will not shield the heating element and end up causing the dishwasher to cease functioning halfway.

How Do You Balance A Bosch Dishwasher?

Failure to balance your dishwasher is associated with poor performance, such as insufficient equipment drainage. At this point, too much water will remain in the equipment, and if the pool of water gets to a higher level, it will spill once you open the door.

On the other hand, a level dishwasher will be successfully emptied between washes. Knowing why your dishwasher requires to be balanced, let’s check out a step-by-step guide on how to balance your Bosch dishwasher.

First, you will open the door and unhinge two captive screws using a Philips screwdriver. The captive screws are at the lower front of the dishwasher’s cover. Get access to the screw near the center of a dishwasher at the bottom.

The screw is essential in controlling the rear level of the dishwasher.
Open the door and check the level to ensure the device is balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Dishwasher Reset Button?

A Bosch dishwasher comes with a control panel on its door. Using the control panel, you have the liberty to key in any settings that you need for your dishwasher.

Sometimes you might key in the wrong settings, and the dishwasher stops mid-cycle. The solution is constantly resetting the unit. Where is the reset button? You will find it in the control panel.

How Long Does A Dishwasher Last?

Depending on the durability of different dishwasher models, the dishwasher can last for six to nine years. However predictable the dishwasher’s lifespan is, proper equipment handling might see you use the machine for up to sixteen years.

However, some factors determine the lifespan of a dishwasher in your household, and they are as follows: the frequency of use, quality, maintenance, and repair.

A dishwasher used from time to time tends to have a low lifespan since it will require repairs from time to time. Investing in quality and durable dishwashers will see you use the dishwasher for a long duration of time.

Also, being cautious about the dishwasher and ensuring frequent maintenance and repair will elongate the lifespan of your dishwasher.

How Do I Know If My Dishwasher Motor Is Bad?

A lousy motor in a dishwasher should be the easiest thing to detect. If you are keen on your equipment and know-how, it usually works; you won’t have a tough time telling in case of a mishap.

When a motor of your Bosch dishwasher goes terrible, the sound of the dishwasher will indicate that something is wrong with the pump.

When the dishwasher drainage is going bad, the dishwasher always produces an unusually annoying noise. Also, when the bearings are worn out, the dishwasher makes a loud noise and no noise when the drain pump is completely failing.

Final Thoughts

Bosch dishwasher machine is one of the best in the market today. However, like any other electrical appliance, the dishwasher can establish mechanical glitches and stop mid-cycle.

Why does my dishwasher stop mid-cycle? It should not be a surprise because they are common dishwasher mishaps and happen if you have a dishwasher.

If you experience Bosch dishwasher stopping mid-cycle, several things might be failing. In this article, we have seen that a blown fuse and thermostat are associated with electrical mishaps, low water pressure, poor fan assembly, and door latch that are malfunctioning can cause your Bosch dishwasher to stop prematurely.

Such issues happen, and there is no reason for you to panic. This article has covered different things that might cause your dishwasher to stop mid-cycle and their possible solutions. Therefore, knowing the problem and their solutions, you can run your dishwasher without any fear.

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