How To Clean Jack Lalanne Power Juicer? Exclusive Tips

In these modern days, a juicer is a very important material for your kitchen. It is a very useful machine for health-conscious people.

Jack Lalanne Power juicer is one of the best and most advanced juicers in the world. It was named after Jack Lalanne(1914-2011) who was one of the most popular fitness and nutrition experts in America and all over the world.

He was also a popular motivational expert. He launched Jack Lalanne Juice maker in 2002. Most people worry about the cleaning method before buying a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.

Because its size is bigger. So, if you are a Jack Lalanne’s power juicer or planning to buy a new one this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss ‘How to clean Jack Lalanne Power Juicer?

Hopefully, our guidelines will help you to clean as well as use your juicer perfectly. It will also help you to find the best result from your juicer.

I know the article is long but I’m sure you are going to learn the best way of using your Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.
Let’s start……

Best Equipment For Cleaning Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

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How To Clean Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Step By Step Tips?

Probably you are a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer user or planning to buy one. For using the juicer properly you need to know how to clean a Jack Lalanne Juicer properly.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is so heavy in size, so most people are concerned about the cleaning instruction of the Jack Lalanne power juicer. In this article, we will give you all the instructions about cleaning Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.

We recommend you clean our juicer regularly to keep it working properly. If you follow our instructions and tips & tricks for Jack Lalanne Juicer cleaning. So, Let’s get started….

Step One:
After using the juicer, turn it off and wait until the juicer is completely stopped. Then unplug the power juicer from the electricity. Keep your hand dry when unplugging. Make sure that the juicer is placed on a clean and dry table surface.

Step Two:
In this step, you have to disassemble your juicer. Follow the steps below to disassemble your juicer:

  • At first, remove the pusher from the body
  • Then lower the silver locking bar to the ground
  • Remove the lid with the pulp guard
  • To remove the blade keep in mind that you won’t remove the screws. Remove the blade using a crescent tool. The two pegs of the bottom of the crescent tool are placed in the two holes of the blade. Then holding on to the base turn the blade counterclockwise with the crescent tool.
  • Remove the blade carefully because it is sharp
  • Now lift the filter and pulp collector.
  • At last, remove the juice receptacle.

Now your juicer disassembles successfully and it is ready for cleaning.

Step Three:
Take a clean towel and all the disassembled parts of the juicer on it. Be careful that no part falls and is damaged. Keep all the parts in a safe place.

Step Four:
Take a clean sponge or a cloth and wet it until it becomes damp. Then clean the base of the juicer slowly and carefully. Clean softly or it can create a scratch.

Step Five:
Don’t spray water or don’t submerge the base of the juicer into the water. Because the motor base is the electric part and isn’t water-safe. The motor can be damaged beyond repair.

Step Six
Using warm and soapy water clean all the removal parts of your juicer. You can put all the parts in a dishwasher to clean them. You can use a dishwashing machine but we always recommend you clean the parts with your hand.

Because it is more effective and safer than dishwashing. Please follow the manual book to know if it is dishwasher safe. But, always keep in mind that using a commercial dishwasher isn’t dishwasher safe.

Step Seven:
Clean the pusher of your juicer by hand using soapy water. If you want you can clean the pusher in the dishwasher because the pusher is dishwasher safe.

To clean it in the dishwasher, place the pusher in the top rack of the dishwasher. However, we recommend you clean the pusher by hand because it is the best and safest way.

Step Eight:
Use warm and soapy water to clean all the disassembled parts. Don’t use detergent and alcohol to clean the parts of the juicer. You can use hot water to clean the juicer properly.

Step Nine:
To clean the blade and filter we recommend you use a Power Juicer filter brush. You can put them in hot water for the best result.

Step Ten:
Disassemble the juicer spout following the instructions in your juicer’s instructions book. Using some soapy water you can clean the spout by hand.

Also, you can clean it in a dishwasher because the spout is dishwasher safe. After cleaning, lock the juicer spout in place again and make sure that the spout is placed correctly and secured.

Step Eleven:
Wash all the removal parts carefully and purify them with fresh water then dry them.

Step Twelve:
To make all the parts completely dry, keep them under the fan or use a soft and dry towel.

Step Thirteen:
After the juicer has been cleaned and dried completely following the Jack Lalanne juicer instructions assemble your juicer perfectly. Then turn on the juicer and press ‘spin’ to remove the remaining water from your juicer.

Step Fourteen:
After making sure the juicer is completely dry, store it in a cool and dry place.

Step Fifteen:
If you follow all these steps carefully you will be able to clean your juicer easily. Following the Jack Lalanne juicer instruction, you can learn more.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Machine After Using It?

After using a juicer each time should clean it, no matter what type of juicer is it. If you don’t clean after using the fiver from the vegetable and fruits you juiced will dry and will be challenging for you to clean them.

However late cleaning of the juicer as well as kitchen appliances is so unhealthy. Bacteria can be hidden in some parts of your juicer and when you make a juice next time it can contaminate your juice.

FaIlure of cleaning your juicer after using it can block the holes of the screen and blades. That will cause problems for the next time when you make juice. So, for the best use of your juicer, you must clean your juicer every time after using it.

Remember When Cleaning Your Juicer Do Not Use Detergent or Alcohol?

In the process of cleaning the juicer you shouldn’t use detergent or alcohol. However, you can use them for some of the parts but you should avoid them for the rest of the parts.

Because they can damage the parts of the press if alcohol or detergent are stuck into them. It can affect your health seriously. Again alcohol can damage the surface of your juicer.

If you use detergent you should clean the juicer perfectly to get rid of the smell of detergent. We always suggest you avoid detergent and alcohol

Do Your Juicer’s Any Parts Require Replacing?

If your juicer doesn’t work make sure that your juicer power is on and connected with electricity.

  • If the motor of your juicer stops or slows down when using, the eternal fuse may have burned out. When it happens keep your juicer turned off for 10 minutes and restart again.
  • If the motor runs but the blade isn’t running, turn off the juicer and disassemble it. Disassemble the blade and clean it. If any parts are broken, replace them.
  • Sometimes because of using too much or carelessly using some parts of the juicer can be broken or damaged. You need to replace the parts then. You can order the parts from online marketplaces. It will reactivate your juicer.

How To Disassemble Juicer Without A Crescent Tool?

If you have a Jack LaLanne power juicer crescent tool you can clean your juicer easily. But what if you don’t have a crescent tool

  • Take 1/8 diameter big wires. Bend the wire and insert it into both sides of the blade’s hole. Hold the body carefully and turn the blade with the wire. I think you can disassemble your juicer by using this technique. Be careful when using this technique.
  • Wear rubber gloves or Take a cloth and cover the blades. Then turn the blades anticlockwise to disassemble them from the body.
  • Take a screwdriver and insert it into one hole. Now hold the juicer firmly and turn it.
  • You can disassemble all other parts by hand. You don’t need a crescent tool here. Just follow the user manual of Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and disassemble slowly.

Some Needful Advice – How To Find The Excellent Result From A Juicer?

So you have finally bought a juicer for your kitchen. Before starting to use your juicer you should know a few things for better use of your juicer.

In this section, we will give you some guidelines which will save your time, reduce damages and keep your juicer better.

Prepare Your Fruits or Vegetables Before Juicing

You shouldn’t just throw the fruits into the juicer. You have to prepare the fruits before juicing. Cut the fruit into small pieces before putting it into the juicer.

It will reduce the time to make juice and won’t give much pressure on the juicer. Remove any seeds or hard pits from the fruits.

If you don’t remove them it can damage your juicer and also can create a bitter taste in your juice. Some of the fruit’s seeds and pits may contain toxic chemicals like cherry, peach, plum, apricot, etc.

If you follow these guidelines when making juice it will make your juice more tasty, save enough time and save your juicer from damage.

Don’t Press So Hard On Your Juicer

Don,t give so much pressure on your juicer. You can take your hand softly on the fruits or vegetables when juicing but you shouldn’t give pressure. If you do it your juicer can be stopped. So make the juice slowly for better results.

Cover Your Pulp Collector With A Plastic Bag

When you make juice it creates plenty of waste. So, to keep your pulp basket clean you can wrap it with a plastic bag. After making the juice just pull out the bag and throw it into the bin.

Don’t Store The Juice

For the best result, you should drink the juice right away after making it or it can be contaminated by bacteria. But if you must store the juice, keep it in the fridge but don’t keep it for more than 24 hours.

Juicing Dry Items

If your juicing items are dry like coconut, sugar cane and grains use them with a lot of water. Because these ingredients have a huge amount of fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Good?

-In this modern age, the Jack Lalanne power juicer is one of the best kitchen appliances by which you can achieve your fitness goals. The body of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is made of totally stainless steel and 3600 rpm motors.

The juicer is very heavy but when you make juice you will find that the sound of the juicer is so soft and it won’t irritate you. It will provide you with a large capacity and double speed in making delicious fresh juice.

You can make juice of apples, oranges, carrots, and cucumbers without much chopping and cutting. You can change its speed for different types of juice.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable juicer for your kitchen you can buy a Jack Lalanne power juicer.

Are Jack Lalanne Juicer Parts Dishwashers Safe?

-The answer is yes. All the parts without the base of the Jack Lalanne power juicer are dishwasher safe. Use different racks for different parts of the juicer as the water temperature of the juicer differs in different racks.

But always keep in mind that you can’t use a European commercial dishwasher for cleaning your juicer parts.

How Do You Remove The Blade From Your Juicer?

  • f you have a Jack Lalanne power juicer crescent tool you can clean your juicer easily. But what if you don’t have a crescent tool? You can use modern techniques to disassemble your juicer.
  • Take 1/8 diameter big wires. Bend the wire and insert it into both sides of the blade’s hole.
  • Wear rubber gloves or Take a cloth and cover the blades. Then turn the blades anticlockwise to disassemble it from the body.
  • Take a screwdriver and insert it into one hole. Now hold the juicer firmly and turn it.

How Do You Clean Juicer Parts?

  • Disassemble your juicer following Jack Lalanne’s juicer user manual.
  • You can use a dishwasher for cleaning all the parts as all the parts are dishwasher safe but it’s better to clean by hand.
  • To clean the blade and filter hold them in running water and use a brush.
  • After cleaning, dry all the parts thoroughly and reassemble the juicer.

How Do You Take Apart A Juicer To Clean It?

  • Turn off your Juicer disassemble it following the user manual
  • Be careful when disassembling the juicer or the juicer can be damaged.
  • Be careful that no parts are lost. If you lose any parts it may be impossible to restart the juicer.
  • Remove the blade using the crescent tool.

How Do You Use Jack Lalanne Power Juicer?

Jack Lalanne power juicer is one of the most useful and powerful juicers of this time. You will find it so fast even in juicing harder fruits like carrots when most of the juicer slowed down or messed up.

This juicer is so heavy. So, you should set it in a fixed position. Keep the juicer clean to keep it working properly. Clean the juicer after every time you use it. Disassemble or reassemble all the parts following the guidelines.

Bottom Line

If you are going to make a lot of juice or want to save it, Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is best for you. But you should clean it every time after making juice.

If you don’t do it you will face problems later. So, cleaning regularly is so important to get the best result.

In this context, we tried to provide proper guidelines about how to clean Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. We think our article will help you to clean your juicer easily and effectively.

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