Vitamix 5200 Replacement Parts Reviews 2024

If you want to purchase the best blending machine on the market, this article is for you. The Vitamix machine was invented sometime back and continues to advance with time.

A set of Vitamix machines known as the Vitamix 5200 was developed and has become the best series. Compared to other groups, its durability, power, and reliability make it exceptional in the market.

Additionally, it is easy to find replacement parts for Vitamix 5200. The blender has a high-functioning motor power to suit all blending requirements.

The power makes the blades rotate at high speed, increasing the blending rate. Additionally, it has a cooling fan. The fan prevents the machine from overheating, resulting in an explosion.

Also, due to the fan, one does not have to turn off the engine when it is overheating as it cools itself, unlike other blending apparatuses. Therefore, it ensures its efficiency and long-lasting.

Another great feature is the advanced control system. Unlike other blenders that use touchpads and preprogrammed settings to control, it uses a manual switch. A soft but long-lasting material covers the switch ensuring its ease of use and durability.

Additionally, the controller has a button at the center that makes it possible to apply a variety of speeds. If you have faulty blender parts, you can find the best Vitamix 5200 Replacement Parts at a reasonable price.

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Best Vitamix 5200 Replacement Parts List

Best 25 Vitamix 5200 Replacement Parts List And Reviews

If you are looking for Vitamix 5200 accessories, check our reviews that cover all the Vitamix 5200 parts you can find on the market today. Whether you need a Vitamix 5200 replacement pitcher or other compatible containers, you can get them all.

1. Vitamix Clear Container

The container is one of the critical features of any blender; however, having a high-performance container is the real deal.

Vitamix clear container with a blade and no lid is one of the most proficient replacement parts of Vitamix. The versatile container is transparent. Therefore, you can easily see through as your food and ingredients are being processed.

For measurements, you need not worry, and the container is well calibrated to get accurate measurements of the ingredients you place into the container. The container is marked in ounces.

This container is ideal for you if you have a large family since it comes in a 64-ounce large capacity container that can easily incorporate large chunks of ingredient

2. Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

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A blade is one essential component a blender can’t miss. The blade functions to grind the ingredients you place in the blender.

The Vitamix wet blade assembly is a versatile blade that you can use in your blender if you are a lover of excellence and versatility. The blade is usable with 32- ounce, 48-ounce, and 64-ounce containers.

The blade is designed to give you an easy time to replace it on site. The replacement blade assembly is strong and durable. Therefore, they require no frequent sharpening, which adds to their durability.

The blade’s strength enables it to exhibit excellent performance when processing different foods faster and smoothly. The wet edge is suitable for 32-ounce, 48-ounce, and 64-ounce standard containers.

3. Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

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You find it convenient to have a portable blender at times, especially if you have higher mobility. The ideal choice for you is a personal cup adapter.

Vitamix personal cup adapter is a Vitamix 5200 replacement part that offers excellent performance yet comes with pocket-friendly prices.

The personal cup adapter comes with insulated walls that prevent heat loss, thus keeping the contents in your blender hot or cold as you travel. Also, the cup features excellent spill-proof lids and two dual-purpose cups, which are handy travel cups.

Vitamix personal cup adapter is versatile when it comes to compatibility. It can fit in other blenders such as 5200, 780, 5300, 6300, and 7500. The units are also easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe.

4. 5200 Blender Wet Blade Assembly

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A high-grade blade is essential for the Vitamix blender. The Vitamix 5200 replacement blade wet blade assembly is critical in improving the blender’s performance.

The premium blade is made of high-quality and safe stainless steel. The sharp and robust blades are made to easily crush through tough seeds and nuts while being corrosion resistant.

The blade has dishwasher-safe features to facilitate seamless cleaning. Durability is catered for in this unit since it is made of highly durable material that ensures that you can use it longer.

The premium blade is made to ensure compatibility with Vitamix blenders and can be used together with 64-ounce, 48-ounce, and 32-ounce containers.

Also, the unit is compatible with drive socket kits which ensures that the motor is protected when the blade assembly is prevented from rotating.

5. Vitamix 58625 64-Oz Container Portion System

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From the reviews and performance of the Vitamix 5200 blenders, the unit is designed to provide high performance and solutions to your blending needs.

The Vitamix 5200 container replacement features a large 64 Ounce capacity for large amounts of ingredients alongside compatibility with different blenders, including bar boss, vita-prep, touch and go blenders, and vita-pro blenders..

The uniqueness of the container is the high-impact plastic material used to make it. The material adds to the durability of the container.

The see-through polycarbonate container allows you to monitor your ingredients being processed by the blender for your comfort.

However great the container is, it has a downside: the lack of a lid or blade assembly, which you will have to buy separately.

6. Vitamix Classic Tamper Black

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Some products are specifically made to be compatible with only a particular container. If you are a lover of high-profile containers, as the name suggests, Vitamix classic tamper black is the best pick.

It is only compatible with 64-ounce traditional containers but not with the low-profile 64-ounce container. Also, the 48-ounce and 32-ounce containers cannot be used alongside the Vitamix classic tamper black.

The accessory, primarily found in pro 750 and pro 300, enables you to easily make thick mixtures and incorporate all kinds of food ingredients into the blender.

Vitamix classic tamper black is BPA-free and is dishwasher safe; hence its cleaning is seamless. The part is designed to give you comfortable handling since it is elegant and lightweight with a prolific performance at work.

7. Vitamix Container, 32 Oz 1 Count

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The Vitamix 5200 replacement container comes with a small capacity designed to cater to small blending requirements.

The small capacity container exhibits a lightweight design that allows easy handling and ensures that the unit fits under your kitchen cabinets with ease.

The container is equipped with blades that efficiently slice the ingredients giving you a smooth blend. The leak prevention feature of the container enables you to operate it without any liquid leaking into the motor base.

The sprout is spill-proof; therefore, you are sure of clean countertops when using the blender around your kitchen. Versatility being of the essence, the container exhibits compatibility with various drink machines.

The full-size blending machines compatible with the container include the C- or G-series of Vitamix blenders.

8. Vita-Mix 015547 Drive Socket

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If you are looking for the ideal drive socket for your blende, Vitamix 015547 is the real deal. The drive socket comes with five pieces designed to give you the desired performance during your blending.

Also, having this versatile unit guarantees you safety and reliable use, making it the ideal choice for your blender.

The drive socket also features five pieces made from steel and has sharp teeth for smooth and easy blending. The steel material and the sharpness ensure that you do not worry about sharpening them and are durable to give you a long time of service.

From the description, the drive socket is undoubted the best choice for your Vitamix 5200 replacement socket.

9. Vitamix 15856 Container 64 Ounce Clear

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Vitamix 5200 blender comes with different replacement parts, including containers that can be used for various purposes.

The receptacles come in different sizes. One of the versatile containers for the blender is Vitamix 15856 container 64 ounces.

The container contains sprout that is drip-free and has calibrations that ensure you get the accurate measurements of ingredients.

The see-through container enables you to see the food being pressed through. The blade of this container is stainless steel and is versatile to offer you the smooth performance of any ingredients and fruits.

The raised calibrations in the Vitamix 15856 container allow you to have an easy time measuring ingredients in metrics or Ounces.

10. Vitamix Mini Tamper 9.75 Inches Grey

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Vitamix 5200 caters to individuals with small containers. Therefore, the Vitamix mini tamper is designed to give you the same services as the Vitamix classic tamper black but using small containers.

Unlike the classic tamper, the mini tamper is compatible with 32-ounce and 48-ounce containers. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent tamper for smaller containers, this choice is the best.

The accessory effectively incorporates all the foods you need to process into the blender without a hassle. Therefore, it serves an excellent purpose for processing foods and ingredients.

You have the mini tamper lets you make thick and frozen mixtures without a hassle while using small capacity containers such as the 32-ounce and 48-ounce containers.

The tamper offers excellent performance from the durable plastic design, safe dishwasher features make it a breeze to clean the accessory, and it is also BPA-free.

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11. Vitamix Stainless Steel Container 48 Oz

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The Vitamix stainless steel container perfectly describes all the good things in one. The Vitamix container replacement is a blend of Vitamix blending quality and the benefits you get from stainless steel.

The unit is efficient, durable, and suitable for home and professional kitchen setups. The easy-to-clean container is BPA-free and compatible with full-size Vitamix blenders.

The robustness of the containers ensures the perfect blending of harsh non-dairy products, which include nuts and seeds. The container features an ergonomic handle to give you an easy grip and pour even when the container is full.

A non-drip spout ensures that your countertops remain clean when using the container. Also, due to its non-reactive property, the container can blend hot, cold, acidic, or more foods and ingredients.

12. Vitamix Drive Socket Kit Metal- 891

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The teeth of a blender’s drive socket always become blunt and translate to poor performance when providing services.

Therefore, to avoid disappointments in the outcome of your blender’s performance, checking the condition of your drive socket’s teeth and version is advisable after every 3-to 4 months. This will facilitate the replacement of the socket if need be.

Vitamix Drive socket kit is a crucial replacement accessory that adds to the performance of your blender. The versatile is compatible with all Vitamix commercial appliances and is easy to replace.

Also, the addition features a wrench that facilitates seamless replacement of the socket. The top-notch performance of the unit is attributed to the durable steel material, and it comes with very sharp teeth.

The only downside of the team is that it can only be used for commercial purposes since it is not compatible with Vitamix XL.

13. Vitamix Container 64oz Low Profile

Vitamix Container, 64oz. Low-Profile, Clear
  • Designed to process large batches with a lightweight design...
  • Compatible with G-Series Machines, Vitamix 5300. Cutting...
  • The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough...
  • Every Vitamix container is clearly marked with ounce and cup...

The Vitamix container is a low-profile container for Vitamix 5200 that exhibits top-notch performance in your kitchen. The container is designed to process large chunks of food.

It comes with a lightweight design that ensures easy handling and easily fits under most kitchen cabinets. The container is compatible with different drink machines such as the classic G-series, Vitamix 5300, and 5200.

The container also comes with measurement features that make measuring your ingredients in metrics and ounces easy. It is calibrated with an ounce and has a cup measurement, and its lid plug contains a 2-ounce measurement line.

The container is designed for easy handling by a soft-grip handle to give you a firm grip and ease of holding it when pouring or using a tamper.

14. Vitamix 2 Part Lid and Plug, 32-Ounce

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Vitamix 2-part lid and plug is an essential replacement for Vitamix 5200 blender. The part is made of materials that make it super durable to ensure it lasts long and gives you ultimate services in your blending work.

The Vitamix lid replacement and plug are compatible with the Vitamix Tritan 32-ounce containers. If you are an enthusiast for high-performing products for your 32-ounce container, then the Vitamix 2-part lid and plug are ideal.

The accessory features properties that give you an easy time blending your foods and ingredients. Therefore, having this versatile replacement part is a plus to your blender’s ease of use and comfortable use.

15. Vitamix Container 48 Oz Clear 56085

No products found.

The container is a versatile, easy-to-use replacement part for Vitamix 5200. The 48-ounce capacity is ideal for medium size blending tasks.

The unit comes in a lightweight design for easy and comfortable handling and ensures that it can seamlessly fit under your kitchen cabinets. The container is compatible with all full-size classic C- or G-series Vitamix blenders to add to the unit’s versatility.

If you are an enthusiast for smooth work and tidy blends, the container is definitely for you. The angle of the container ensures you get a controlled vortex that systematically arranges the ingredients in the container.

This ensures ingredients fall back on the blades giving you a fine blending experience. Also, the containers are designed to prevent the leakage of liquid into the motor base.

16. Vitamix Wrench Black

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When working with home appliances that require replacement and assembly, it is critical to have the right tools that help you carry on the process with ease.

It would be best to have a high-performance wrench when removing the old blade from the blender and installing the new one. Vitamix wrench black is the ideal choice for blender users.

The wrench is the best replacement part that any Vitamix blender user should have. The versatile tool is made of steel and is firm enough to guarantee you the quality services you need, and is durable to last for a longer time.

The tool’s firmness and efficacy are essential since it eases the removal of old blades and facilitates the installation of new ones. Apart from removing and replacing blades, the wrench is handy for other tasks.

17. Blender Container 12.6in 64oz Transparent Blender Container

No products found.

The most important part of a blender happens to be the container and the blades. With a high-performance and versatile container, you have to worry no more.

The 12.6-inch container features an enormous capacity of 64-ounces that can accommodate large chunks of foods and ingredients into the blend. The transparent container allows you to see clearly as your food is processed.

A versatile container is what most people would go for. For example, this blender container can be the ideal pick for home and professional kitchens since it is compatible with C- the blender series and Vitamix.

It features a 2-part locking lid which is seamless to remove. Also, the non-slip handle enables you to firmly hold the container giving you seamless handling and pouring liquid from the container.

18. Vitamix Low Profile Tamper for Low Profile 64 Ounce

No products found.

The crucial replacement part of Vitamix 5200 is a low-profile tamper that is compatible for use with low-profile 64-ounce and 40-ounce containers.

The tamper is designed to provide top-notch performance when you want to make thick mixtures while incorporating the ingredients into the blend.

The accessory comes with dishwasher-safe features and is also BPA-free; therefore, it is easy to clean. The tamper is efficient when you put the food or ingredients in a 64 or 40-ounce container for mixing them to produce a uniform blend.

The durability of the tamper is undoubted, thus giving you the best service for a long time since it is made of impact-resistant plastic. If you have a low-profile 64-ounce container and looking for the perfect tamper for it, then this pick is the best.

19. Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester 64- Ounce Container

No products found.

Everyone has different needs, and they influence the choice of product you need. For example, if you tend to blend large chunks of ingredients, you will need an enormous container like the Eastman Tritan copolyester container.

The Vitamix 5200 container is efficient for blending large volumes of components due to its sizeable 64-ounce capacity.

Since durability is of the essence, the container is made of copolyester material resistant to corrosion by chemicals, thus offering long-lasting services.

The container features a versatile lid with a removable plug and a 2 part locking lip which can be removed without much hassle.

The unit has a drip-free spout to see the ingredients being processed inside the container. The measurements for ingredients are also featured in the container.

20. Vitamix Lid Plug for Commercial 64- Ounce Containers

No products found.

The lid and plug are another very crucial replacement part for a blender. If you have trouble with your blender’s lip plug, you will consider getting one that can cater to the requirements of your blender quite well.

Vitamix lid plug for commercial 64-ounce containers is one you should consider. The lid plug is versatile and can be compatible with different blenders such as Vitamix 5200, 56500-2, drink machine advance, XL blender, Vital pep &vital prep, and bar boss, among others.

The Vitamix lid plug is long-lasting since it is rarely used because it is specifically designed for single use.

Performance being paramount, this versatile replacement part is designed to offer its users safety, reliability, and top-notch performance.

21. Vitamix Blending Cup and Bowl Starter Kit

No products found.

When you want to make small or slightly large blending, Vitamix is the best choice. It saves time because you don’t have to clean the whole container as you use a part of it.

The apparatus offers the best service for blending and storage as they have separate lids. One blade base is made of stainless steel laser cutter steel. It has a 600ml cup with a drinking lid and a large capacity bowl of 225ml.

Additionally, it has cup holders and fridge doors that make the smoothie cup fit perfectly.

22. Vitamix 2 Part Lid and Plug, 64- Ounce

No products found.

It is a replacement Vitamix Eastman Tritan 64-ounce container. It allows ingredients to be added while the processing is occurring. The blending power is high and, thus, more costly.

However, low-profile containers are not compatible with the machine. Therefore, before purchasing one, you need to make sure the parts will fit with your container.

23. Vitamix Self-Detect Blending Cup, 20 Oz

No products found.

It is made up of a cup and a lid only. The mug of 20 ounces and has a cover that doesn’t spill. It is safe as it is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan. Also, the unit is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.

Cold temperatures are maintained by insulation. The downward narrowing allows it to fit perfectly on the cup holders and the refrigeration doors easily.

24. Vitamix Retainer Nut for Eastman Tritan Container Black

No products found.

A retainer nut is a fastener that provides attachment to joining panels. They are made of spring steel with numerous threads nuts that ensure the connection is fast and secured.

The retainer nuts for Eastman Tritan Container do not have a lid. They are fixed below the container. However, they are not only compatible with the Eastman Tritan Containers but also machines that fit with C and G series and exploration blenders.

Therefore, the versatile container enables you to use it with other blending devices without a hassle.

25. Vitamix Container, 64 Oz Low Profile

Vitamix Container, 64oz. Low-Profile, Clear
  • Designed to process large batches with a lightweight design...
  • Compatible with G-Series Machines, Vitamix 5300. Cutting...
  • The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough...
  • Every Vitamix container is clearly marked with ounce and cup...

It is a blender with powerful blades that process a large quantity of food at a significant time. The fast operating edges also make cold food hot within the shortest time possible.

The material of the 64-oz container is BPA- free. Therefore, it is easy to clean, and it has dishwasher-safe features.

Also, the low-profile Vitamix replacement container has a comfortable surface with a soft holding handle which ensures you get a smooth grip when pouring liquid from the blender.

Due to their size, they fit under most kitchen shelves, and they have no difficulty cleaning. G series and Vitamix 5300 materials are compatible with the blender.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Send My Vitamix For Repair?

Commonly, machines break down or slow down, and they may need repair to provide their services. As a user, you might need honest repair services for your device located far from your locality.

In turn, you might not know how to send it. However, all that you should do is pack the insufficient machine space. In the package, you will put a note showing your name, contact number, address, the name of your store, and lastly, the problem with your blender.

The repairing company will receive your device, examine it, inform you of the materials and labor for the work, and then send you your blender within 48 hours after repair.

What Is The Best Vitamix Model?

According to many reviews, Vitamix 5200 is the best model in the market. The rate of its speed makes it suitable especially for commercial uses such as in restaurants.

It also has blades made of steel that make them strong hence high blending power and durability. Additionally, its design makes the altering of the speed easy.

Moreover, its ability to warm cold food within a few minutes makes it exceptional among other machines. Thus, people find the features fascinating and consider as the best model in the market.

What Is So Special About The Vitamix Blender?

Due to its features, Vitamix machines are outstanding to other blenders in the market. Firstly, they are healthy. Their blending ensures that the food does not lose its ingredients.

Additionally, it does not expose the users to health problems due to its specific plastic container. Moreover, they are simple to use, clean, and maintain, unlike other blenders. Their materials are of excellent quality, making them last for an extended period.

Is Vitamix Worth It?

When considering the best blender to purchase, you might wonder if the high cost of Vitamix is worth it. According to functionality, it is worth the price.

Due to their features, their high cost is considerable. Usually, the first consideration for purchase is the cost. However, consider Vitamix if you are looking for a blender that will serve you better.

Their exceptional functionality matches their cost. Therefore, the majority of the users claim that they are worth their price.

Why Are Vitamix Containers So Expensive?

Vitamix containers are very costly compared to other blenders in the market. As a buyer, the first thing to consider is the cost of the machine. However, the price should not be a bother to you because of the following reasons.

It functions with great power, and it is durable

The motors have high functioning power that easily handles even the most complex food substances. Also, the engines are capable of handling tremendous work with ease.

The reason is that the design enables it to work at a very high speed within a significant period. Additionally, it has cooling fans within the motor that cools it when working at high speed. Thus, advanced tech makes its price to shoot in the market.

It produces less noise

The motors have a design that doesn’t produce much sound despite their high operation. In turn, they become environmentally friendly where there should be no noise.

Working as the most efficient by creating less noise makes it exceptional. Thus, due to the advancement In tech of its design, it is relatively more expensive.

• They have thick, high-quality blades

The blades are quality material that doesn’t require regular sharpening for functioning. Additionally, the blades thick have maximum strength. Due to this, they can handle any ingredient, and they last for a long.

Therefore, due to the great value of the blades, the containers are more expensive than other blenders on the market.

How Long Does Vitamix Last?

The lifespan of Vitamix usually depends on the model of the machine and its quality. However, the average life expectancy is ten years after regular usage before breaking down or slowing down its functionality.

Unlike other blenders, Vitamix has a high life expectancy because its materials are durable. The excellent steel material makes the blade.

Moreover, they are simple to operate, clean, and maintain, reducing the risk of breaking them down to the complexity of handling them. Thus, as long on observe maintenance measures, the lifespan extends to a more significant period.

Are Vitamix Containers Safe?

Vitamix blenders are safe for users’ health. As a potential buyer, you may wonder if your health Vitamix plastic containers might temper your health.

However, entirely blenders are made of plastics, but Vitamix is made safe due to special containers. The Eastman Tritan polyester plastic makes the Vitamix blender that does not contain BPA. Hence, your safety as the user is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Vitamix machines are the best blenders because of their features, performance, and availability of Vitamix 5200 blender parts. Due to its advanced characteristics, version 5200 of the Vitamix machine is preferred.

Their motors, blades, and control system ensure their durability and efficiency. Vitamix machines serve for about ten years after regular use before breaking down.

They are special blenders because they don’t interfere with the constituents of food, they are easy to handle, and offer long-term services. A particular type of container that does not expose users to health issues makes Vitamix blenders.

The high-quality motors that operate with great power, excellent blades made of steel, and high standard design that produces less noise make them expensive.

Moreover, they don’t expose users to health problems associated with plastic materials. If you are looking for replacement parts for your blender, we hope our Vitamix 5200 Replacement Parts review has given you the right information.

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