Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender Review 2022

Blender is an essential kitchen appliance that is common in today’s modern kitchens. It can chop, grind, blend, and perform other functions to process different types of food ingredients.

Through these processes, a blender can make a wide variety of tasty, healthy, and nutritious icy drinks and food recipes.

This guide presents to you Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender Review to enlighten you on one of the best blenders within its price range.

If you value quality food, your kitchen should never lack a blender that you can depend on. This unit is innovatively designed to deliver perfection in blending food ingredients.

It is packed with features that make it easy to use besides giving it the ability to deliver smoother drinks.

Model 53516C Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender Review

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The Hamilton Beach 700-watt blender is reputable for making the perfect shakes, hummus, smoothies, and icy drinks. Generally, this blender boasts of a quality you can depend on.

It has a sleek contemporary design that would be an excellent addition to your modern kitchen. The design is nicely complemented with stainless steel accents.

The blender also comes with a high-quality glass jar that can survive years of constant blending and is very easy to clean.

The advanced wave action system is unique to this blender and is meant to solve the many problems that often prevent ingredients from being blended properly in most blenders.

It is innovatively designed, with a function that pulls ingredients to the blender blades to ensure that thorough blending is achieved with every run.

Therefore, unlike some blenders that swirl contents around the wall so that they do not get blended well, the wave-action used by this blender pulls the contents to the blades for exhaustive blending.

Its powerful motor adds to its overall effectiveness. The 700-watt peak motor works well to deliver impressive blending power consistently. Not even the hard ingredients and ice can pose a challenge to this blender.

This also plays a great part in its high blending speed. It offers quieter blending so that every blending session does not interfere with people’s peace. Its large capacity also makes it perfect for large families.

The Hamilton beach wave action blender red boasts a 48-ounce capacity glass jar, which is large enough to make a sizeable amount of food recipes. Also, the glass container is safe to be used for processing food.

Cleaning it is easy, and it is dishwasher safe. The lid has a mess-free pouring spout that makes it easy to pour the content of the blending jar without creating a mess.

Blender Specifications:

BrandHamilton Beach
Item weight8 pounds
Jar materialGlass
Blade materialStainless steel
Wattage700 watts of power
Dishwasher safeYes
Item Dimensions (LxWxH)10.87×7.5x 15.12 inches
  • Powerful blending action
  • The glass pitcher and other parts are BPA-free
  • Attractive and adds great value to modern kitchen
  • Wave-action system ensures proper blending
  • The lid has port spout and filler cup
  • Works quietly during blending
  • Occupies a small space on your kitchen countertop
  • Neither too big nor small
  • Glass is very heavy and of great quality
  • The glass jar is dishwasher safe
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Consistently smooth results
  • Versatile functionality
  • Durable and very effective
  • Reasonably price
  • Powerful 700-watt peak motor
  • The plastic lid fits too tight
  • Requires three cups of liquid to work best

Features and Benefits

Let’s go through the Hamilton beach blender reviews to understand more about its blending functions, features and benefits.

Modern Design

The Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender generally looks great and is created to be a highly convenient unit.

One of the main areas that hold most of the blender’s strengths is its design. The Multi-function blender has a sleek design that would fit it well in your modern kitchen.

It is sturdy, compact, and not bulky at all. Consequently, it takes very little space, which makes it saves space both on the kitchen table when being used- and in the storage cabinet when it is not in use.

From the first moment you see this blender, the beautiful glass jar will be one of the things that catch your attention.

The jar design is an innovative combination of main high-quality glass parts and a shiny stainless steel finish that makes it such a great source of attraction in the kitchen.


Performance is a major factor to be considered when choosing the best kitchen appliances. The Hamilton Beach Wave Action blender is such a powerful piece of innovation.

It approaches blending with the kind of vigor that is neither too much nor too little which is just the right performance to deliver the perfect drink or blending results.

It features patented ice saber blades that stop at nothing to crush ingredients to perfection. Its 700-watts motor drives the blades with so much peak blending power it will chop and blend all types of foods perfectly and quickly, including ice and frozen food.

Besides making smoothies from fresh fruits and vegetables, this machine can deliver much more. Also, it is not one of those noisy units that can irritate people who cherish quiet environments.

Packed With Innovative Features

This blender is mostly famous for its wave-action. This system pulls the mixture into the blades for maximum action on the fresh ingredients.

The Hamilton Beach blender gives smoother results mainly because of the innovative wave-action feature. It also features a mess-free pouring spout that allows you to pour drinks out of the jar without causing a mess.

It is not obvious to leave the outer part of the jar clean after a series of pouring the content of the jar. It is the spout that makes it possible.

The blender also boasts a new unique design that makes it even more convenient and easier to handle.

The design has also been improved for quieter blending. The base has been engineered to dampen the noise made by the motor during operation.

Other Features And Accessories

This blender is usually very convenient and effective and its well-coordinated features are mainly to thank for it. The Hamilton Beach Wave-Action blender is run by a 700-watt peak powerful motor that makes it very efficient and dependable.

It can crush ingredients faster and processes smoother drinks or blended products. It features a 48-ounce capacity glass jar that is widely tested for quality. It is approved to withstand very high and low temperatures.

The large capacity makes it perfect for a large family or parties. It also comes with other vital accessories such as a stirring spoon. This is a BPA blender, which means it is completely safe for you to use to process food. It is approved by the FDA.

Easy To Setup

Begin by placing the base on a clean dry surface. You can use your kitchen’s counter space. Place the blades in the safety base, then the gasket comes over the blades and the jar comes over the gasket.

Screw the safety base firmly into the glass jar so that it does not loosen when you turn on the blender. Complete set up by twisting the jar onto the safety base. There are icons for locking/unlocking to guide how to attach these two parts.

Also, you will hear a distinct click when you twist the jar on top of the base. The clicking sound is made when the two parts are well connected. For safety too, the two parts should fit tightly together when the blender is in use.

Easy To Use

One of the things you will come to appreciate about this Hamilton Beach blender is how easy it is to use. Generally, it makes your life easier in the kitchen and can easily be figured out by new users before they even read the user’s manual.

It provides you with a variety of functions to make the best quality of your favorite drinks. This blender has all buttons well labeled to help you figure your way through even if it is your first time using it.

The buttons are all laid out for easier access and are engaged by simply pressing on them. Each function is meant to serve a specific set of purposes.

If you are a first-time user and you are stranded at some point, you can follow the instructions provided in the user’s manual. The steps as shown in the manual are clear and easy to understand.

If you have no time to clean it by hand, you can always run your blender in a dishwasher. This Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender Review also helps you understand how to use it better.


There are a whole lot of functions that you can use to make many things with this blender. Smoothie, soups, puree, and more. All these can be blended to perfection when you use this unit.

The functions are not limited to making drinks alone. Besides the fact that you can blend various types of drinks with it, you can also use it to crush ice. The wave-action system increases the machine’s versatility too.

Apart from blending smoothies, this machine can also crush ice, puree for soups, make shakes, salsa, and prep work. There are four main blending actions that you can use.

The Mix/Blend action is for smoothies and shakes, while the Puree function is for sauces and soup. The Dice/Chop action is great for making prep work and salsa, while the Grind function is for crushing ice and other tough ingredients.

Easy To Clean By Hand

Manual cleaning usually works best for most blenders where thorough cleaning is required. Cleaning the Hamilton Beach Wave-action blender is not difficult whatsoever.

You simply need to disassemble the blender first then scrub the separated nonelectrical parts in warm soapy water. Taking the blender apart may seem difficult at first for first-timers but it soon becomes simple.

Once you have disassembled it, the blades, jar, lid, and gasket can be cleaned in warm soapy water while you scrub them with the sponge.

Be careful when cleaning the blades of the hamilton beach wave crusher blender because they are very sharp and can cause serious cuts to your fingers. Alternatively, you can wear protective gloves on both hands when cleaning the blades.

Once you have removed all possible stains, rinse these parts in clean fresh water and let them dry.

The electrical parts such as the motor base and the power cord should not get into contact with water or any other liquids. You should just wipe them with a damp cloth.

Using Quick Clean And Dishwasher

Alternatively, you can clean the Hamilton Beach blender or Wave action blender parts that are water-safe in a dishwasher. The blender is advertised as dishwasher safe, but that only refers to the nonelectrical parts of it.

You can just take the whole unit apart first before you run them in in a dishwasher. However, this method of cleaning may lead to faster wearing of some parts of the blender especially if they are not strong or if the quality is poor.

Where thorough cleaning is not necessarily needed, you can use the ‘Quick Clean’ option. It is usually used where different juices are prepared one after the other.

In that case, you just run the blender on quick clean in between blending sessions. This method will save you time. To do a quick clean on your blender, you simply pour two cups of warm water into the blender jar.

Add a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent to the water in the glass jar, close it with the lid and run the machine for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse it with clean water after that.


You can easily tell that this blender is a survivor by just looking at it and touching it. When you add your analysis with the assurance made by the manufacturer and the many available positive reviews from users across the world, you believe that it is truly durable.

The glass jar is made of high-quality glass that looks and feels strong. The handle feels sturdy too and is strongly fixed on the jar.

The glass jar also has stainless steel finish that not only complements the jar’s design but also offers protection for the glass. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel.

They are strong, sturdy, and tightly held into place. They keep their sharpness for long and rarely lose it.

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How Do I use Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender?

Assuming that the Hamilton beach 700-watt blender is already in an unplugged position, place the blender base on a clean dry surface.

Attach the blade assembly by placing it through the opening in the jar with the blade side up, then twist the collar onto the bottom of the blender jar.

Now add ingredients into the blender jar. Ingredients that are too large should be cut into smaller pieces before you feed them into the blender jar.

Plugin the blender into the power socket and press the power button on the blender, which will then turn white. Once it is turned on, select your desired speed or program by pressing the right buttons.

Once you have made your selection, the blender will begin to run and blend to your desired quality. When you use the personal jar, add ingredients to the jar first.

Then place the cutting blade assembly and collar onto the personal jar. Turn the personal jar upside down, shake, and place it onto the base.

Plug the blender into the power outlet then press the power button to turn it on. Choose the desired speed by pressing the respective buttons.

To run the pulse function, you have to press the pulse button down. You also have to place your hand on top of the jar to hold it when blending with the personal jar.

When you are done with the blending, press the power button to turn it off then unplug the unit from the power outlet.

Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender vs Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender to puree-crush ice

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Both of these blenders by the reputable Hamilton Beach have a motor 700-watt motor power. However, the Hamilton Beach Blender Wave Action is still seen as the most powerful of the two.

Both of these are ideal for smoothies and shakes, but when it comes to crushing ice, you will be better off with the Hamilton Beach Wave-Action blender than the 58148A, which makes it the best Hamilton Beach blender between the two.

But even when it comes to making shakes and smoothies, the Hamilton Beach Wave Action blender makes smoother drinks than the Hamilton Beach 58148A.

The former also crash ice better because it has more power for this function. When it comes to making puree, both of these wave action blenders never disappoint. They are almost the same in how good they are at performing this task.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hamilton Beach a good brand for blender?

A: Yes. Hamilton Beach is a reputable brand that has been among the leading blender manufacturers for a long time.

They have fed the market with a wide variety of blenders, each unique and meant to serve some special need.

Their products incorporate innovations and inventions that have changed with changing customer needs.

Q: Can you blend ice in a Hamilton Beach blender?

A: Yes. Hamilton Beach wave blenders can crush ice and most of them have an option for this function.

Their ice crashing capabilities vary from one blender model to another. Some like Hamilton Beach Wave action are good at crushing ice and making frozen drinks or icy drinks.

Q: Can you put a Hamilton Beach blender in the dishwasher?

A: Yes. Hamilton Beach 53516 is generally dishwasher safe. Parts such as the glass jar, lid, gasket, and blades can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Of course, the electrical parts should never come into contact with water.

Q: Hamilton Beach blender BPA free?

A: Yes. The blenders are tested and approved by the FDA as BPA-free and suitable to be used for handling food. Therefore, you can use your blender without any health risks.

Final Verdict

Setting up this blender does not take much effort either. It requires very little assembling that even a first-time user will not find stressful. It is advisable to always clean the blender before you begin to assemble it.

While you clean it, make sure to use the right method for each part. Apart from the electrical components of the blender, every other part can be cleaned in warm soapy water and rinsed in clean fresh water.

The electrical parts should only be wiped with a clean damp cloth. Once it is cleaned and dried, begin to assemble it. Learn more from this Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender Review for a better understanding of this unit.

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