Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

A water filter is essential if you want to save money buying bottled clean water. It helps you enjoy great-tasting water for you and your family.

Installing a PUR water filter is a good move toward healthy drinking water. Just like any other filter model, you need to replace the PUR water filter at the right time for effective water filtration.

Changing the filter is an easy process if you follow the guidelines provided.
Why is my PUR water filter blinking red after a filter change? This is a commonly asked question among many people who have PUR water filters.

There are many reasons Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change. We have prepared this guide to help you know why the filter changes red, how to know if your water filter is working well, and other tips. Read on till the end to find out why the PUR water filter blinks red with the new filter!

Why Is My Pur Water Filter Blinking Red After A Filter Change

Is your replaced PUR water filter still red? When the PUR water filter starts to blink red after the change, this is an indication that there is a problem that needs water filter troubleshooting.

Red means stop or danger in many indications and signals. Hence, red indicates that the PUR water filter has stopped filtering the water and needs a change.

It can also indicate red if there are some particles trapped. You need to wash your hands, remove these particles and then clean the filter thoroughly.

Nevertheless, it can also indicate that there is an issue with the installation. Noteworthy, it is necessary that the filter cartridges should be changed as required.

Why is it important to do so? This is because if the water faucet or filter is not working properly, it will lead to contaminated water being delivered. So it is important to replace the filter when necessary.

Or if it is poor installation, it is recommended that an electrician should be consulted to replace it.

How Do You Know If The PUR Water Filter Is Working or Not?

There are many indications and signal that indicates whether the PUR water filters is working or not. Firstly, you should press the “Reset” button for 5 to 6 seconds on the indicator filter light.

In the process, the indicator will reflect a green flashlight, indicating that it is functioning properly. To make sure it is still functioning well, every time one pours water, and the green light still is on, then the filter is in good condition.

Cloudy of the water means the taste of the water. When the filter is faulty, the water will have a bad taste. The bad taste will also include a salty taste.

If the water tastes in pure taste then there is no need to worry as the filter is working properly. Faucet noise is a very common sign during the process of filtering.

When there is an odd noise during filtration, then there is a need to worry because it’s a bad indication that the filter is not working properly. The service of a professional plumber will be needed to install or change the filter.

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How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

Most of the water contaminant is invisible to the naked eye. Hence, many people ought to prefer a PUR water filter for clean and healthy water. PUR removes almost 99% of the water pollutant.

There are many types of water filters available today. The most important thing to notice is the functionality. To begin with, there is a reset button on the indicator. On pressing the indicator for 5-6 seconds, there will be a green flashlight.

This sign that the filter is in a good state and is working properly. Color signals will tell you the status of the filter.

Green Light

A green light sign is an indication that the filter is in a good state and working properly. And the water is free from contamination.

PUR is made of carbon from coconut shells and technically made to exchange harmful ions like mercury, lead, and pesticides that give water a bad taste and odor, with harmless ions like magnesium and calcium which are essential to the body.

When the filtration is working properly then it is insurance that the water is healthy for drinking. When water continues to pour from the source to the PUR filter, and the green light still is on, it’s an indication that the filter is working properly.

Yellow light

When using PUR water filtration, it is important to notice PUR water filter signs. Especially light indicators. So as to avoid future damages, and to know whether the water is safe for consumption.

Changing in light is based on the condition of the faucet water filters. Yellow light is an early warning for a filter change. Yellow light means that the filter has made 100 gallons of water.

To add to that, a yellow light indicates that the filter has reached the end of its lifespan. At this point, it is necessary to be replaced immediately to avoid consuming polluted water.

Red Light

Red light is the last water filter indicator light. Just like the traffic light red means stop, so is the red light on the PUR water filter. It’s a sign that one should stop taking the water and consider replacing the filter immediately.

Check whether there is clogging around the filter screen. Replace the filter then turn on the reset button. Press it for about 5 seconds and if there is no other issue, the filter will systematically change to green light.

If The Red Light Blinking After Filter Change- What To Do?

Why is the PUR filter still blinking red after a filter change? After the filter change and the red light are still blinking then there is an issue within the filtration system. It’s not that alarming.

The most common issue is probably the clogging of some dirt on the filter screen. Why is my PUR filter still blinking red and how do you tackle this? Let’s find out!

A) To Reset The Pur Pitcher Filter

  • First, remove the entire filtration system.
  • Rinse it thoroughly, to remove any particles clogged in the filtration system.
  • Let it dry for a while.
  • Assemble the system properly without damaging anything.
  • Hold the reset button for at least 5 to 6 seconds. The light will turn green.

Also, it can be caused by a failure in the indicator system. For that matter, the indicator needs to be reset. Through the following steps

  • Locate the indicator
  • Press and hold for at least 5 to 8 seconds
  • Release, and then wait for a while. The light will automatically change to green light. An indication that it is functioning properly

B) To Reset The Faucet Filtration System Filter

It can also be a faucet filtration system failure. Following are steps on how to reset the faucet filtration system;

  • From the faucet, remove carefully the faucet filtration system.
  • Remove the filter by twisting the cover to open.
  • On the bottom of the container, locate the reset button.
  • Push 4 to 6 times until it comes out.
  • Put back the filter then re-attach the cover.
  • The green light will systematically appear, indicating that the filter is again working properly.

Where Is The Reset Button On A PUR Water Filter?

Wondering how to reset the PUR water filter? The PUR faucet filter reset button is located at the top of pitcher filters, just beside the filter lights.

Filter change goes along with PUR filter light reset. Ensure that the filter lights have been reset after changing the water filter. Following are the steps on how to reset PUR filter light.

  • When there is red light, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Rinse the whole filter system.
  • Let it dry well
  • Assemble it back.

Why Is My PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

PUR water filter indicator light can stop working because of a few factors. PUR lights are very important as it gives the status of the faucet filtration system.

It helps to indicate the time for any change in the filter. In addition, it helps to know possible issues in the filtration system. And how to solve them before any serious problem arises. The following are some of the factors.

  • If the filter has not been replaced.
  • If the battery or the water filter cartridge has run out.
  • And also if the reset button is stuck in.

Water Filter Is Running Extremely Slow?

PUR can have slow filtration because of many reasons. If there is clogging in the filter, try spraying water directly in the filter thread to dislodge the debris.

Or also when replacing the filter, make sure the thread is washed thoroughly. If there is air inside the filter hence bubbles coming out, try placing the filter in a large jar of water and try to submerge it in the water.

If it floats then there are bubbles inside the filter. The following are the steps for removing bubbles in the filter.

  • Remove the filter from the faucet.
  • Submerge it in a large jar that can cover it all.
  • Let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • By holding the filter in an upright position, tap running water over the filter at least for 30 seconds.
  • Clean and remove any particles that can damage the filtration unit.
  • Lastly, install it back in the faucet and reset it again.

How Can I Make My PUR Water Filter Faster?

After placing it back in the filter pitcher or faucet it will remarkably work faster than before. Apart from the problems discussed above, there is also the issue of water leakage in the filter.

This shows that the valves are not properly fixed. Or the O- rings are in bad condition and need replacement. Wear and tear can also be another factor to consider.

Water Filter Leaking Issue

Leaking problems are common in water filters and they result because of many reasons. It could be because of leaks from the top of the faucet. We will discuss both causes below in detail to give you a better understanding.

1) Leaking From The Top

Incorrect installation is one of the most common problems causing leakage is incorrect installation.

When the valves or the O ring are not properly installed then it will lead to leakages. To ensure there is no more leakage then the following steps should be followed.

  • Remove the aerator from the filter tap.
  • From the packages given by PUR, find an adaptor that well fits the tap and fix the washer.
  • Fix the filter after twisting the back cover. As the filter is fixed properly, make sure the O-ring is properly intact and tight.
  • Put back the back cover.
  • Tighten the device back on the tap.
  • The filter is not tight enough.
  • Water may leak into the filter reservoir if the filter itself is not tightened.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Twist it back and forth.
  • When you hear a click sound then it is tightly fixed.

Water Temperature

Temperature can also cause the filter to leak. Temperature can affect the filtering agent and the cartridge. In the process, chlorine is released which is a contaminant. It is recommended that hot water should be avoided.

2) Leaking From Te Faucet

Leakages from the faucet may be because of various problems. These problems are outlined as follows.

Debris In The Filter Area

Clogging in the filter housing blocks the flow of water hence there are leaks around the filter. Particles that get stuck between the internal and external threads cause leaks, especially the threaded cartridges. To clean the damaged area one must;

  • Separate the filter from the faucet filter.
  • Scrub thoroughly with a toothbrush. Use soap and water until it is clean.
  • Wipe the threads to remove any debris or soap particles.

Using A Wrong Adapter

Every PUR water filter comes with a set of adapters. Using the wrong adapter with the faucet system will cause leakage at the joint around the tap and the faucet garget. It is appropriate to use an adapter that goes along with the faucet thread

O-Ring Issues

An O-ring is a rubber-like ring that is found on the filter cartridge. The main aim of the O-Ring is to ensure that the plumbing joint is sealed and no air or water passes through. Nevertheless, poor fixing of the O-Ring can cause leakage around the filter.

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Why Does My PUR Water Filter Smell Bad?

Lack of attendance to the PUR water filter, one will complain of a foul smell. This may be due to the material reacting with the water. Tap water or municipal water is the most common with chlorine.

A natural compound near the water source has micro-organs like algae, which infect the water. This can be very effective as one can smell or taste even at low concentrations.

The odor may be produced as a result of a chemical substance with a bleach-like smell. An unclean filter of the purifier also can cause a bad smell. To avoid this, one should drain the outlet and clean the purifier.

Why PUR Filtrate Water Tastes Metallic?

One would ask why is the water from the PUR water filter tastes like metal? Water tastes are of many kinds. Examples are;

  • Fishy.
  • Earthly.
  • Dirty.
  • Musty etc.

This is because:

  • There are many contaminants in the water supply.
  • PH levels are definitely low.
  • There could be a lot of minerals in the water supply.
  • Replace filters or install a whole filtration system.
  • Always have replacement filters whenever necessary. Light indicators should always give alerts.
  • Clean and rinse the filter as the blockages can cause leakages.
  • Always ensure there is no clogging a leakage around the filter.
  • Apart from filtration, water pipes should be replaced if the problem is related to rust or corroding water pipes.
  • Metals contained in the water are; iron, zinc, copper, and manganese.
  • There are many reasons why your water has a metallic taste. The obvious reason is the presence of metal in water. All the metals mentioned above contaminate your water hence affecting its taste. Metallic taste indicates a health concern and can produce very potential health effects. The best way to curb this problem is to;

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My PUR Faucet Filter Still Blinking Red?

Why is my PUR water filter still blinking red? It means that the filter has stopped filtering the water and it should be replaced immediately.

If this signal does not stop, then there is a problem with the filter installation or the filter is damaged. Pur water filter red light indicates that there is a malfunction in the light indicators or the cartridges are faulty.

Also, it can indicate that the filter has purified 100 gallons of water hence it needs to be replaced.

How Do I Know When To Change The Water Filter?

If you are not sure when to change your water filter, there are some signs that can help you know when filter replacement is needed. These indicators include the following:

  • When one smells an odor in the water.
  • When there is an unpleasant taste when consuming the water.
  • After putting some water in a glass and letting it settle for a while. You will notice some particles have settled at the bottom of the glass.
  • When you notice clogging in the filter.
  • When the light indicators change to yellow and then red. A clear indication that the filter needs replacement.

What Happens When You Run Hot Water Through The PUR Water Filter?

It is possible to run hot water through the PUR water filter, but it will only reduce the lifespan of the water filter and the ability of the faucet filtration system to function. Only cold water is recommended. Hot water may release pollutants that are found in tap water like chlorine.

How Long Does PUR Filter Actually Last?

The lifespan of the PUR water filter varies with the design and the type. This also depends on the filtration system. Having the knowledge of how and when to change the filter, will ensure the sustainability of the filtration system.

PUR filters should be replaced after it has purified 100 gallons of water. Therefore, it should take two to three months. Also, a replacement will depend on the status of the water being used.

Are All PUR Filters The Same?

Not all PUR filters are the same. This is detected by how often one needs to replace the filter. Replacement depends on the specific type of PUR filter. A good PUR filter will produce 100 gallons of water and will last for about 2 to 3 months.

What Are PUR Filters Made Of?

PUR filter uses activated carbon that is made of coconut shells. It has pores on the surface, which can absorb molecules. This activated carbon also brings the element of ion exchange. During the ion exchange, the filter exchanges the harmful ions for harmless ions.

How Does The PUR Indicator Work?

PUR indicator works in the following ways.

  • Green – indicates that the filter is working properly.
  • Yellow – indicating that the filter is ready to be replaced.
  • Red – indicating that you should stop consuming the water as it is unhealthy. And the filter needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Locate the indicator.
  • Press and hold for at least 5 to 8 seconds
  • Release, and then wait for a while. The light will automatically change to green. An indication that it is functioning properly.

How Long Do You Let A New Filter Run?

For effective results, a new filter should run from 5 up to 35 minutes, to discard the contaminants. If your water filter has a broken filter and you bought a new one, you can also choose to run both filters together for some time to enable the new filter to adapt before removing the old one.

If your water filter has a filter change indicator, you can easily know when to change the water filter.

Final Thoughts of Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

PUR water filter is very essential in our daily life. Water is a very important commodity. However, drinking clean and healthy water is what matters.

Tap water may look clean but still contains harmful contaminants. PUR water filter removes 99% of seen and unseen water contaminants, and discards up to 70 types of pollutants, leaving the water tasting fresh and odorless.

To add to that, the PUR water filter saves you money, unlike bottled water. It is easy to use and maintain. Its clean-sensor display notifies and updates the status of the water filter.

PUR Water filter can deliver up to 40 gallons of clean water. Its filter can last up to 3 months. Altogether, it is recommended for one to have a PUR water filter. I hope you now understand what to do when the PUR filter replacement is still red.

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