How To Use A Cake Breaker? Exclusive 8 Tips

If you love making different types of cakes, especially soft cakes, a cake breaker is an important tool that you need. Instead of cutting your cakes with a knife or blade, a cake breaker does the job perfectly.

Buying a quality cake breaker is great, but you should also know how to use a cake breaker. The tools work perfectly when you need to cut delicate and soft cakes.

Using an angel food cake breaker makes cutting cakes an art. If you are a beginner, you might have a hard time figuring out how this tool works.

That is why you should understand the basics of angel food cake cutter as well as how to clean it after use. in our guide today, we have covered everything you should know about cake breakers to make your work easier.

You will understand how to use the tool, how to clean a cake breaker, and some commonly asked questions about cake breakers.

What Is A Cake Breaker?

A cake breaker is also known as an angel food cake cutter or an angel food cake knife. The main purpose of this tool is to cut delicate angel food cakes and other soft cakes.

This utensil cuts your cakes smoothly without squishing. Cake breakers are powerful tools although they are old-fashioned ways of cutting sponge cakes or delicate cakes. Using your food cake cutter is easy if you understand the basic techniques.

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What Does A Cake Breaker Look Like?

At a glance, a cake breaker looks like a comb. The specialized tool features tines instead of blades. These tines are mostly cylindrical and they are about 3 inches long.

These tines have one blunt end and the other is normally joined to a thin metal rod which then attaches to the handle. The long tines of a cake breaker break in your delicate cake before you slice or serve the cake.

This tool is used in conjunction with a cake knife or a serving cake fork when serving.

How To Use A Cake Breaker?

A cake breaker comb is a versatile tool that you can use for a wide range of purposes. If you want to cut an angel food cake, you should know how to use a cake breaker perfectly.

If you use the tool wrongly, you might not end up with the right results. I will take you through essential steps on how you can use cake cutters. Follow these steps for more details.

Step 1: Clean the Cake Breaker

If you just bought a cake breaker, clean it first before use. After cleaning, wipe the cake breaker with a dry cloth.

If you use it when it is wet, then it will not cut the cake as desired. Instead, your cake will be broken into some small pieces.

Step 2: Wear Gloves

If you are dealing with angel food cake, it can be too soft to touch with your bare hands. It is good to wear gloves to prevent your finger pressure on the cake.

Step 3: Hold the Cake Breaker

Use your right or left hand to hold the angel food cake knife. Press the breaker in the soft cake and begin to cut the cake back and forth in a gentle motion. You can cut your cake to the desired sizes.

Step 4: Place The Cake Breaker on The Cake

A cake breaker is a kitchen tool that is used to cut cakes into even pieces. The cake breaker has a sharp blade that is inserted into the cake, and then the breaker is twisted to cut the cake. This tool is especially useful for layer cakes, which can be difficult to cut evenly with a knife.

Step 5: Insert The Blade Into The Cake

A cake breaker is a thin, metal blade that is inserted into a cake in order to cut it. The blade is inserted into the cake at an angle and then pushed down in order to cut through the cake. Cake breakers can also be used to remove pieces of cake from a cake.

Step 6: Cut The Cake Into Even Slices

A cake breaker is a kitchen tool that is used to cut a cake into even slices. The cake breaker has a sharp, stainless steel blade that easily cuts through the cake. The blade is also curved so that it can be easily scooped up and moved around the cake. Cake breakers are available in both manual and electric versions.

Step 7: Repeat Cutting

Cut the whole cake the way you did when dealing with the first piece. After cutting, keep the pieces of cake on a clean plate gently. You can now enjoy eating your angel food cake with your family or friends.

Step 8: Serve The Cake Slices

When you’re ready to serve your cake, a cake breaker is a perfect tool. It helps to cut neat slices without squishing the cake and leaves less of a mess on the serving plate. Most importantly, it keeps the cake’s shape and prevents it from becoming dry or crumbly.

How To Clean Your Cake Breaker?

After cutting angel food cake, it is good to clean the cake knife for next use. In most cases, cake breakers are mainly made of stainless steel. However, you can still find some plastic cake breakers.

That is why it is necessary to clean the tool after and before use. Leaving the breaker dirty after use can cause rusting, which can damage the tool.

A Cake Breaker Cleaning Tips?

There are several cleaning tips you should know to make the cleaning process easier. When cleaning, hold the cake breaker in one hand and then clean it thoroughly with slightly warm and soapy water using your other hand.

Let the cake breaker sit in fresh water for about a minute. Once you are through with cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the excess water and keep it in a safe place.

You can also clean the cake breaker as you do clean other kitchen utensils. However, ensure you dry it after cleaning to prevent rusting.

Alternatively, you can use lemon and vinegar to clean the cake breaker. This is a better cleaning method compared to using soapy water.

A cake breaker is a thin, metal blade that is inserted into a cake in order to cut it. The blade is inserted into the cake at an angle and then pushed down in order to cut through the cake. Cake breakers can also be used to remove pieces of cake from a cake.

How Do You Use A Vintage Cake Breaker?

A vintage cake breaker is also referred to as an antique cake breaker. This is a specialized tool that is designed with long tines as compared to having blades.

The main purpose of this tool is to aid in serving angel food cake. These cake breakers are cylindrical and they are at least three inches long.

Final Tips For Using A Cake Breaker

If you are looking to evenly cut a cake, you’ll need a cake breaker. Cake breakers are essentially two thin metal plates that come together to slice through the cake.

They can be used for layered or stacked cakes and can make cutting easier and neater. Here are some tips on how to use a cake breaker:

  • Make sure your cake is completely cooled before using the cake breaker. If it is still warm, the cake will crumble and be difficult to cut.
  • Cut off any uneven edges of the cake so that it is a uniform thickness all the way around.
  • Place the cake breaker on top of the cake, centering it as best as possible.
  • Apply pressure evenly on both sides of the breaker, and slowly move it down the length of the cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are a great way to introduce a new topic. They provide a list of questions that people commonly ask about a certain subject and then offer answers to those questions.

By reading the FAQs for a particular topic, you can quickly learn about the basics without having to do any extra research.

What Is A Cake Cutter Called?

If you love baking cakes, a cake breaker is one of the best tools that you need. Several names are used to refer to this tool. Some of these names include a pie knife, cake knife, pie spatula, pie server, or a cake slice among others.

All these terms refer to a serving utensil that is mainly used to cut and serve cakes and pie. Some tools are designed with serrated edges.

What Is A Cake Comb Used For?

A cake comb is a special tool for decorating cakes. The tool has teeth that create great cake designs when frosting cake. A cake comb works perfectly in creating parallel lines on the sides of the layer cake and you have unlimited imaginations you can create.

What Is A Cake-Cutting Knife?

Cake knives are special types of knives thinner than the chef’s knife. Therefore, the tool creates less drag when cutting cakes. You should avoid exerting too much pressure on the cake’s crumbs or flattening the icing with a cake knife as you would do if you are using a wider or bulker chef’s knife.

What Is A Cake Breaker Used For?

A cake breaker is also called an angel food cake server or an angel food cake knife. This is a special tool that bakers and chefs need for serving angel food cake as compared to using a blade

. A cake breaker is designed with cylindrical times and they are about three inches long. Apart from cutting cakes, a cake breaker is also used in place of a knife or blade in many kitchens.

What Is The Best Cake Decorating Tools?

When it comes to cake decoration, there are several cake decoration tools that you need to use. for instance, you can get a pastry decorating bag, a decorating pen, a cake decorating stand, an offset spatula, and a dough cutter among others.

What Is A Cake Slicer Definition?

A cake slicer refers to a special kitchen tool that has a flat and wide blade. One of the ends is narrower than the other end and it has an attached handle that is used to cut and lift pieces of cake.

How Do You Use A Plastic Cake Comb?

Various materials are used to make cake combs and plastic is one of them. Cake combs feature a triangular shape and they have varying designs to cut along every edge. Whether you have a plastic or a metal cake comb, you can use it perfectly to come up with wavy or ridged lines during frosting.

Where To Buy Angel Food Cake Breaker?

Angel food cake breakers are readily available at reasonable prices. You can get these tools on top e-commerce websites, retailer shops, and supermarkets. You can also get these tools from the manufacturer’s website.

Always ensure you buy from the most reputable seller to get a quality product. Buying cake breakers online is great because you find different options to compare and you also have the chance to get better deals.

Final Thoughts on How To Use A Cake Breaker?

There are different ways you can use to cut soft and delicate cakes at home. One of the most effective methods is using angel food cake cutters.

These tools are crucial for cutting a cake into layers without breaking your fruit cake into small pieces. Understanding how to use a cake breaker is essential for the best results.

We have given you a step-by-step guide on how these ideal tools work. We have also explained how to clean your cake breaker and essential tips to know when cleaning. I hope with this information, you will have an easy time using a cake breaker.

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